Potential Convergence, Empowerment, Sharping Future JAC held its international annual conference 2019

On April 14th, JAC International Distributors Annual Conference 2019 was opened the curtain in Hangzhou with the theme of 'Potential Convergence, Empowerment, Sharping Future ', welcoming more than 200 distributor representatives from over 100 countries to attend this conference.

Mr. An Jin, the board chairman of JAC made the keynote speech; Mr. Xiang Xingchu, the general manager of JAC delivered the main speech and Mr. Se Cairong, the vice general manager of JAC gave the report. Mr. Zhang Peng,the vice- chief economist & general manager of JAC and other leaders attended this conference.

Mr. An Jin, the board chairman of JAC Firstly, Mr. An Jin on behalf of JAC expressed the warmly welcome and sincere gratitude to JAC international cooperators and shared with them about the major adjustments and opportunities the global auto industry confronts, the reshaping of future auto product form and auto industry model, and JAC's thinking and major initiatives facing the future. Mr. An Jin pointed that the global auto industry is facing considerable adjustments and opportunities, and the acceleration of the shift to emerging countries of the automotive industry focus, major adjustments in demand structure and level of emerging market, so each auto manufacturer is faced with difficult choices. Meanwhile, auto product form and auto industry model are facing with reshaping in the future. And the trend towards vehicle electrification, vehicle intelligent technology, vehicle connectedness and vehicle sharing will greatly change auto’s form in the future. The significant changes in environment and development model require that traditional manufacturing industries, including JAC, be fully prepared, implement profound transformations, embrace the Internet, accelerate the use of big data and new computing technologies, and find the right place with new thinking modes, organizational forms and technical routes.

Mr. An Jin emphasized that JAC will continue to promote cooperation in joint ventures or partnerships with Volkswagen, Cummins and Nio. At present, JAC is continuously promoting cooperation in new energy passenger vehicles with Volkswagen Automotive and substantial progress in R&D capacity establishment, capacity lift, quality control, process optimization, network construction and other related fields for joint venture has been made. Meanwhile, JAC have strengthened auto finance’s penetration into existing businesses and have dabbed at travel services to create new business models- car-hailing service, which will help JAC transform and upgrade.

Mr. Xiang Xingchu, the general manager of JAC Mr. Xiang Xingchu gave detailed introduction of JAC 2018 business performance and development trend and put forward the specific guiding proposal to 2019 international marketing and service work. He pointed that the four new trends of “Electrification, Intellectualization, Networking and Sharing” are coming and China’s automobile industry is expecting a new wave of car-making. JAC must take the initiative to transform and upgrade in the cold environment of the automobile market, actively embrace the intelligent networking, innovate marketing methods, gather potential and power for better and faster development.

In 2018, JAC exported all kinds of vehicles 73,500 units, up by 13% year-on-year. JAC ranked among the top four export companies in the Chinese industry. Among them, Light commercial vehicle business stabilized scale, with N series light truck exports maintained top in the industry for 17 years; Heavy truck business carefully cultivated new generation of long-distance and high-efficiency logistics tractor K7 and V7, taking the customer life cycle cost as the starting point and paying close attention to product reliability, durability, long-term and long-distance maintenance technology to ensure high attendance and low failure rate of products. Passenger cars seized opportunities and made outstanding contributions, maintaining the top export of SUV single category industry; new energy vehicle business has made significant breakthroughs in the European market.

Mr. Se Cairong, the vice general manager of JAC Mr. Se Cairong reviewed 2018 international marketing operation condition in the report and shared with the key marketing work of JAC in 2019. He expressed that 2019 is the year full of opportunities and challenges. Let’s seize the significant historical opportunity, uphold the operation principle of “customer orientation, service-driven sales, and quality first”, thoroughly implement marketing 4.0, follow the tide, gather the strength and move on to push JAC and distributors’ cooperation to a higher level and create a new glory in JAC internationalization!

JAC also commended excellent distributors' team and person in 2018 international business, including 11 prizes and 38 teams. The new products recommend of 2019 means JAC has made good preparation in the future. There are business negotiation, test-driving and marketing forum and other activates during the conference.

Spare Parts Star Award 2018 Service Star Award 2018
The Champion of Latin America Service Skills Competition Brand Stars Award 2018
Sales Star Award 2018 Best Overseas KD Project Award 2018
Excellent After-sales service Award 2018 Excellent Fleet Customers Development Award 2018
Excellent New Product Promotion Award 2018 Excellent Brand Development Award 2018
Best Global Distributor Award 2018 Special Contribution Award 2018