The IEV6S is the first pure-electric SUV produced by JAC in China. It has beautiful styling and advanced technology. Its industry-leading pure-electric platform is equipped with Samsung's Ternary lithium battery, which was originally developed by JAC.
Mobile & car connectivity, remote control and other technologies have changed the experience of both driving and riding as a passenger.
The IEV6S possesses highly-effective and excellent dynamics and has a 251 km range on a variety of roads and conditions. Customers can rest assured when choosing this outstanding electric vehicle; 0-50 km/h acceleration takes only 3.9s, making city driving a pleasure.
Which is due to its inbuilt JAC
five-level battery safety protection.
Zero fire accidents in
300 million kilometers
of testing confirm the vehicle's industry leading
safety guarantee
● Intelligent Blue with Elegant White, futuristic design, just for you
● Sporty & handsome perfect honeycomb-style front grille combines science fiction and reality
● Electric SUV, fashionable and dynamic
● LED daytime running lights, shining and dazzling
● Dual five- spoke sporty wheels with red caliber, exquisite sculpture catching the attention of passers-by
The fastest acceleration IEV
pure-electric vehicle
On busy mornings, the IEV6 rushes to show off its dynamic power
● 0-50 km/h acceleration in just 3.9s, keeping you one step ahead
● 85 kW power, 270 N•m torque, giving more power; exceeding
traditionally-powered 2.0 L vehicles
● Standard/Sporty dual power mode power for fun driving
The newest original R&D
pure-electric SUV platform
● Sixth generation technology accumulated over nine years, creating
China's first high performance pure-electric SUV
● High energy utilization, driving ≥7 km per kWh
● Outstanding low temperature dynamic performance and endurance
ability, even at temperatures below -20℃
Driving range
Long-distance running
Lets you enjoy each journey
Long and stable driving range guaranteeing your journey; you can go wherever
you want to go
● Using high-performance 18650 model ternary lithium battery; long service life
● With longer range charging, the driving range on a comprehensive road conditions reaches 251 km; at a constant speed of 60 km/h the driving range can reach 300 km
● 200V household electrical outlet can be used to charge the battery, so no need to worry about running low on power
● Energy recovery can enhance driving range by up to 10%
Technology & Internet
Do whatever you want
The JAC IEV6S can satisfy your needs whatever you want, both by phone and voice commands, even from a distance
● Intelligent interactive human-computer system  ● 8 inch HD intelligent multimedia touch screen  ● GPS navigation + Bluetooth phone + reverse image
Omnipresent safety protection safeguarding you and
your passengers
From the battery to the boot, from the interior to the exterior, the IEV6S protects you everywhere at all times
● Multi-level functional safety developments reach International ASILC level
● Unique electronic chassis and professional adjustments ensure a stable and smooth drive
● Complete five-star vehicle safety R&D guarantees safety of electrical circuitry
● 9 rigorous testing eliminates dangers from the battery
● Go home safely in limp-home mode, avoiding danger resulting from further failure
● Pure-electric, PM2.5 air-purification system, keeps you far away from smog and other pollutants
Model IEV6S
  Dimensional parameter Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 4135×1750×1560
Wheelbase 2490
Min turning radius (m) 5
Front/rear overhang  840/805
Curb weight 1310
Gross vehicle weight 1685
Seating capacity  5
Approach angle 17
Departure angle 21
Min ground clearance(mm) ≥150(full-load)
Max speed (sport  status,km/h) 130
Max speed (standard  status,km/h) 102
Max gradeability (%) 30%
Accelerating time (0-50km/h)  (s) 4
Mileage for constant 60 km/h(km) 300
Mileage (NEDCstatus) (Km) 251
 Energy Recovery 
  Battery system  Type 三元锂离子
Terpolymer lithium-ion(NCA)
Battery total power capacity (kWh) 33
Type 液冷永磁同步liquid cooling permanent magnet synchronous
Max power(kW) 85
Max torque(Nm) 270
  Chassis system Front suspension Mac-pherson independent
Rear suspension  Torsion beam semi-independent 
Steering system Electric power
Brake pattern Front Disc&rear disc
Parking brake  Hand brake
Tire size 205/55 R16
Aluminium alloy rim
  Safety configuration Double airbags( Driver and co-driver sides)
Front seats with electronic preloaded and
three-point safty belt
Rear seats with three-points belt
Belt with alarm system ( 
Driver side and Co-driver side)
ISOfix child seat fixed device
Car central control locking(with child protection)
Remote key
ABS-Anti lock Braking System(9 th generation Bosch)
EBD-Electronic Brake force Distribution
Reversing video ../images
Rear parking redar
Electronic anti-theft
Mechanical anti-theft
Automatic locking when driving+protection
locking for children  in rear door
Automatic unlocking after collision +
Tail door switch to escape
Quick tire repairing tools
Rear defrosting device
Pedestrian warning system (VSP)
  Exterior configuration Electric adjustable head lamp
LED Daytime running lamp
Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
Follow me home function
Highlocation brake light
LED turning light of Electric exterior rearview mirror
 Electric windows
One key pressing control  function with 
driver's widow+hand clamping prevention
Exterior rearview mirror with electric
adjustment and defrost
BOSCH boneless intermittent wiper
of front windshield
Rear wiper
Overhead rack
  Interior configuration Black-interior
Combination  instruments(with 
luminescent、clock、digital display )
Multi-function compages switch
Sun visor mirror of  driver's seat 
and co-driver seat)
Multifunction steering wheel
Up and down adjustment of steering wheel
Anti-dazzle interior rearview mirror
Trip computer
Car power
Mobile ashtray
Trunk lamp
Trunk cover
Electric air conditioning
Air asjusting/PM2.5 dust filtration system
Artificial Leather seat
Driver's seat adjustment
Rear row overall seat
Front/Rear seat independent headrest
  Charging  Charging cables for home power(slow charge)
 Charging cable for charging pile (slow charge)
Long-range charging
Long-life charging
Charging at low temperature conditon
Timing charging 
Fast charge function
AC Charging time  (slow) 11.5h(10%~100%SOC)
DC Charging time  (fast) 1.5h(10%~80%SOC)
  Multimedia configuration Radio
MP5(8 inch screen )
GPS(only Chinese map)
Bluetooth phone
Voice recognition system(Chinese)
Speakers quantity 6
Intelligent remote terminal
Remote charging
Remote air conditioning
Remote query vehicle status