Intelligent Driving , Easy GO
JAC iEV5- Pure-electric vehicle
Based on almost 10 years of pure electric vehicle
development experience
JAC has developed China's first five-seat pure electric vehicle in China
Since it was launched into the market, the iEV5 has won favorable comments from home and abroad and successfully passed the stringent EU single vehicle homologation requirements.
Highlights of the iEV5:
● Attractive appearance. It has flowing outer lines and a technology-inspired interior.
● Intelligent. A cellphone app can be used to remotely control the air conditioning and vehicle charging.
● Pleasurable Driving. Fast acceleration appeals to drivers with rich driving experience in traditionally-powered vehicles.
● Quiet Internal Space. The noise level is considerably lower than traditionally-powered vehicles when accelerating and driving.
● The output power reaches 2.5w/kg vi a the highly-effective power assembly, giving immediately acceleration feedback;
● Energy density is increased by 50%;
● High performance ternary lithium battery allows a driving range of 240km;
● Lowest working temperature is -20℃, with the vehicle integration closed thermal management system working in a temperature range of -20℃~45℃.
● Six convenient and flexible cha\rging modes satisfy all types of driving technique
● High intensity body, 360- degree safety protection
● Unitary body construction using a large amount of high strength steel plate
● Electrical power system and five-level battery safety design
● Forming an immediate and efficient early warning mechanism
● Rich configuration and all-round driving safety
● Double airbag, ABS+EBD
● Rear Camera Display, high brightness xenon headlamps
● Speedy intelligent electric power steering
● Pedestrian warning system, daytime running lights, LED fog lamps and other active and passive
● safety features
● Multi-level function safety development, reaching ASIL C level
Environmentally-friendly GO
● 0 emissions, 0 pollution, pure-electric driving;
● NVH design, quiet and comfortable
● Energy recovery systems,leading technology, driving the future
● Braking and sliding conditions can recover energy
● The recovery rate can reach 40%, improving the driving range by up to 10%
● Human Machine Speech Interface (HMSI) system, provides an intelligent driving and riding experience
● 7-inch touch screen intelligent console panel, technology for everywhere
● Not only an entertainment function, but also issues immediate maintenance
● Utilizing a mobile phone app to effortlessly allow intelligent remote control
● It can remotely inquire about the vehicle's status, remote battery charging and air-conditioning activation and deactivation
● Intelligent battery maintenance and easy vehicle starting.
Model IEV5
  Dimensional parameter Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 4320×1710×1515
Wheelbase 2490
Min turning radius (m) 5
Front/rear overhang  800/1030
Curb weight 1260
Gross vehicle weight 1635
Seating capacity  5
Approach angle ≥16
Departure angle ≥17
Min ground clearance(mm) ≥130(full-load)
Max Speed 120
Maximum gradeability (%) 25%
Acceleration time( 0-50km/h) (s) 6
Mileage for constant 60 km/h(km) 240
Mileage (Km) 200
 Energy Recovery 
  Battery system  Type Terpolymer lithium-ion(NCM+LCO)
Battery total power capacity (kWh) 23
Type liquid cooling permanent magnet synchronous
Max power(kW) 50
Max torque(Nm) 215
  Chassis system Front suspension Mac-pherson independent
Rear suspension  Torsion beam semi-independent 
Steering system EPS
Brake pattern Front: Disc / Rear: Drum
Parking brake  Hand brake
Tire specifications 185/65R15
Aluminium alloy rim
  configuration Double airbags( Driver and co-driver sides)
Front seats with electronic preloaded and
 three-point belt
Rear seats with three-points belt
Belt with alarm system ( Driver side and
 Co-driver side)
ISOfix child seat fixed device
Car central control locking(with child protection)
Remote key
ABS-Anti lock Braking System(9 th 
generation Bosch)
EBD-Electronic Brake force Distribution
Reversing video ../images
Rear parking redar
Electronic anti-theft
Mechanical anti-theft
Automatic locking when driving+protection 
children  in rear door
Automatic unlocking after collision +
Tail door switch to escape
Quickly tire repairing tools
Rear defrosting device
Pedestrian warning system (VSP)
  Exterior configuration Electric adjustable head lamp
LED Daytime running lights
Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
Alarm when headlamps is not closed
Highlocation brake light
LED turning light of Electric exterior
rearview mirror
 Electric windows
One key pressing control function with
driver's switch
Exterior rearview mirror with
electric adjustment and defrost
BOSCH boneless intermittent wiper
of front windshield
  Interior configuration Black-interior
Combination  instruments(with luminescent、clock、
digital display )
Multi-function compages switch
Driver's sun shield without make-up mirror
Co-driver's sun shield with make-up mirror
Multi-function steering wheel
Up and down adjustment of steering wheel
Trunk lamp
Anti-dazzle interior rearview mirror
Trip computer
Car power
Mobile ashtray
Trunk lamp
Electric air conditioning
Air asjusting/PM2.5 dust filtration system
Artificial leather seat
Driver's seat adjustment
Rear row overall seat(Non-flip)
Front/Rear seat independent headrest ●/—
  Charging  Charging cables for home power(slow charge)
 Charging cable for charging pile (slow charge)
Fast charge function
Long-range charging
Long-life charging
Charging at low temperature conditon
Timing charging 
AC Charging time  (slow) 8h(10%~100%SOC)
DC Charging time  (fast) 1.5h(10%~80%SOC)
  Multimedia configuration Radio
MP5(7inch screen )
GPS(only Chinese map)
Bluetooth phone
Voice recognition system(Chinese)
Speakers quantity 4
Intelligent remote terminal (T-box)
Remote charging
Remote air conditioning
Remote query vehicle status
Strategic objective: adhere to the "stability and reality-oriented" ethos, the basic principle of "bigger and stronger commercial vehicles, excellent top quality vehicles", strategic positioning, and continue to deepen the concept of "value the customer's business, high quality fundamentals, down-to-earth beliefs". The whole value chain must promote the realization of customer value, deepen business structure, mix product and market structure adjustment, complete more than 800,000 vehicles sales by 2020, raise overall domestic market share to 3%, and achieve a yield of one million vehicles among automakers.
Adhering to the philosophy 'seeking progress in stability and a practically-based company'; insist on the strategic orientation of 'Making Commercial Vehicles Stronger and Bigger, Making Passenger Vehicles Finer and Better, and strongly promoting new energy; continue to deepen the value of the 'customer-oriented, quality-based, realistic and pragmatic' approach; promote the realization of the entire customer value chain; deepen the adjustment of the business, product and market structure. JAC strives to achieve more than 800,000 units as its vehicle sales target by 2020, achieve 3% of domestic market share, and becomes a comprehensive automobile group with a yield of one million vehicles.