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The Histroy of JAC New Electric Vehicle
In 2002, JAC started its exploration of new energy vehicles, undergoing thousands of discussions, ‘The Pure Electric Vehicle Development Plan’ was fixed. Since then, the R&D of JAC new energy vehicle is booming.
From 2010 to 2012, JAC created the largest scale of electric vehicle model operations within the industry. Until now, approximately 5,000 units of pure electric vehicles have been sold, ranking in the Top 3 globally and Top 1 in China.
The Extended Range Electric Vehicle (iREV)
The Safest Car Body
Basing on the B-class sedan five-star safety platform, JAC further carries out the electric safety design, and through all the harsh security testing, applies remote information service platform to provide remote attention all the time for customers.
Extended Range
Under the model of pure electric, JAC iEV can drive 55KM with zero emissions. When the battery is running low the extended range gasoline engine begins seamless intervention and provides enough power to make the drive mileage reach 350KM, on easy driving without having to worry about the running down of the battery.
Better Operation Performance
'T' style power battery is located in the middle of front and rear axles, which make the loading distribution achieve optimality, full of pleasant electrically driven feeling.
Better Energy-saving Effect
The 55km pure-electric driving can satisfy your daily commute while 5L comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers also has the incomparable dvantages of the       traditional fuel vehicle.The application
of braking on the energy recovery system consume energy. Braking while slowing recover energy and transform it to
Energy-saving and
friendly driving for
means traffic jams will no longer down or driving downhill can electric power.Providing environmental-
your city.
J3 Pure-electric Vehicle(iEV)
20,000 KM
per year
JAC pure-electric vehicle electric consumption per hundred kilometers is 15kWh. With an average driving distance of 20,000 kilometers per year, JAC pure electric vehicle can save 9,000-10,000 RMB compared with the same-class vehicle.
Two pedals, three gears, sparing a lot                of tedious operation of clutch and gearbox, easily dealing with the frequently parking, starting in the city road and relieving driving fatigue effectively. Quick startup, stable output and smooth driving allow for easy operation of the vehicle.
24H remote service system establishes an electric vehicle remote service platform and constantly receives working information during driving. It will find any vehicles' anomalous situations and immediately proceed to solve them. Five years or 100,000 kilometers quality guarantee and attentive after-purchase service are provided.
The J3 is a purely electric vehicle with zero emissions and more environmental-friendly than its competitors. A clean and green earth needs our protection.
JAC Pure-electric Vehicle
Lithium iron phosphate
Range of working voltage(V)
Burst mode
Rated total capacity (Ah)
Total capacity (kWh)
Thermal management system
Open, air cooling
DC charging function
permanent magnet synchronous
Combination Instrument
Vehicle Controller
Brake Energy Recovery Function
Vehicle Remote Monitoring Terminal
Steel rim(without wheel casing)
Glass-frame riser
Four-door electric power
woven cloth
Safety Equipments
Five standard safety belt
Operation Equipments
Steering wheel regulating
Comfort Equipments
The manual air conditioning