2.8 National Diesel Engine
●The reliable power of 2012 Commercial vehicle Inter-cooling, high-pressure common rail direct Injection technology perfect combination Energy Saving, environment-friendly and the representative Of reliability
● Mainly equipped in: L –series light trucks, N-series light trucks, M1
The Advantages of Product
VNT inter-cooling and high pressure common rail direct injection technology mature application create this model engine’s excellent performance, fuel economy, reliability and low emission; Mature design and manufacturing processes achieve the products’ advantages of low cost and high performance.
Robust Powerful
VNT turbocharger technology and air distribution perfect creates the larger coverage area from the lowest torque to the biggest torque.
Economy and Practical
The third generation electronic control high pressure common rail direct injection technology mature application, fuel economy has been greatly enhanced and the Min, fuel consumption is 208g/kw.h.
Low emission
The application of highly-efficient and reliable post-technology and reaches National IV.
Rate power(KW/rpm) 88kw/3600rpm
Max. Torque 250Nm
Max. Torque speed 1600-2800rpm
Total displacement 2.771L
Bore×stroke 17
Power density 93mm×102mm
Compression ratio 31.8KW/L
Emission standard National Ⅳ
Fuel diesel
Minimum BSFC at Full Load 208g/kw.h