2.0L/2.4L-NA Gasoline Engine
● Due to the adoption of the domestic advanced multi-point fuel injection technology, the fuel economy emission effect is good.
● Maily equipped in: M1, S1,J7
The Advantages of Product
The engine with DOHC, hydraulic tappets, non-maintaining valve lash, doubles balancers, which reduced the vibration. And the engine has a perfect fuel economy and EIV standard emission for the application of electronic controlled MPL
Adoption of aluminum cylinder block, plastic intake manifold, stainless iron exhaust manifold which reduce the weight of engine assembly in a large degree.
High Durability
The engine is a reliable product for more than 10 years of marketing usage with JAC Refine MPV.
Model HFC4GA3-C (GG110)
Type n-line、16valves、water cooling、DOHC
Number of cylinders 4
Bore Diameter 85/86.5mm
Stroke of piston 88/100mm
Displacement 2.0/2.4L
Ignition sequence 1-3-4-2
Compression ratio 10
Rated power/Speed (KW/r/min) 95kw/6000r/min/100 kw/5500r/min
Max. Torque/Speed (N. m/r/min) 172N.m/2500-3000r/min/193N.m/2500-3000r/min
Emission Standard National IV
Min. fuel consumption with full load s270g/kw.h
Dimension {Length x Width x Height} 644mm x 689mm x 736mm
Net weight 165kg