2.0L TCI (Gasoline Engine (HF4GA3.1C))
● "Chinese Coer"2009 Top Ten Engine
● The Successful Representative Turbo charging Gasoline engine is created by independent brand
● Mainly equipped in: JAC MI. JAC S1
The Advantages of Product
This model engine represents the Chinese independent brand successful exploration in the area of engine manufacture. And the mature application of turbocharing technology represents that independent brands have made huge effects in the technology progress. Outstanding power performance, fuel economy, reliability bring, true benefits customers.
Turbocharing inter-cooling technology, improving the power performance of engine and the volume, power reaches 65.1KW/L
It can save over10%fuel consumption compared with the same power's natural inlet air engine.
Low noise
Using 8 crankshaft, hydraulic pressure tappet, double balance axes and other technologies, noise reducing.
Low Emission
National IV
Rate power(KW/rpm) 130KW/5400rpm
Max. Torque 260Nm
Max. Torque speed 2000-4000rpm
Total displacement 1.997
Bore×stroke 8.5
Power density 85mm*88mm
Compression ratio 65.1kw/L
Emission standard National IV
Fuel Gasoline 93#
Minimum BSFC at Full Load 265g/kW.h