1.5LTGDI Gasoline Engine(HFC4GB2.6D)
New generation clean and high effective direct injection engine basing on global up-to-date technology
The Advantages of Product
1.5L TGDI gasoline engine has many advanced technologies as GDI, TCI, DVVT. The successful application of various technologies creates the outstanding power performance and economy of this model engine.
Lighten weigh
Using new non-metallic material(nylon)in qualities compared with traditional engine, it reduces the weight of engine effectively and cuts down flow loss and lower the whole vehicle’s fuel consumption and noise.
High Performance
GDI, TCI, DVVT, and others advanced technologies perfect integration and engine power, torque have been greatly improved and volume power has reached 80.1kw/L,torque has reached 168Nm/L,The dynamic has overpassed the same emission engine and reached the world-leading level.
Low fuel consumption and low emission
Direct injection precision controls single-cylinder fuel deliver and though rail press sensor achieves fuel supply close-cycle control, reducing whole engine fuel consumption effectively;Through control low speed valve overlap, DVVT technology will improve the torque and fuel economy;And through combining with exhaust gas turbocharing inter-cooling and successful application of tight coupling welded type catalyst, the whole engine’s emission reaches National V.
Rate power(KW/rpm) 120kw/4850-5500rpm
Max. Torque 251 Nm
Max. Torque speed 1500-4500rpm
Total displacement 1.499L
Bore×stroke 75mm×84.8mm
Power density 80.1 kw/L
Compression ratio 9.7
Emission standard National V
Fuel gasoline93#
Minimum BSFC at Full Load 275g/kw.h