1.5L Ethyl alcohol Flexible Fuel Engine(HFC4EB2.3D)
● The Clean Energy Independent Brand Engine
● with numerous advanced technologies
● Mainly equipped in: J2,J3 Turin,J3
The Advantages of Product
This model engine represents the successful exploration of Chinese brand in the area of clean energy engine. It’s perfect combination of 16 advanced technologies such as VVT, aluminum, cylinder body and plastic inlet manifold.
Good fuel Adaptability
It can use voluntariness matching gasoline…ethyl alcohol fuel.
Super Robust power
Using VVT, double overhead distribution with compression ratio make the torque enhances 10% compared with the same level engine.
Excellent Cold Boot performance
Added PWM into engine electronic control system, and according to the engine ECU’s PWM control the engine pre-heating spray nozzle’s warm time and solve the problem of alcohol fuel booting difficult in the cold condition.
Meeting the emission standard of Brazil L5, and has potential ability to L6.
Rate power(KW/rpm) 83kw/6000rpm
Max. Torque 146Nm
Max. Torque speed 3000-4500rpm
Total displacemen 1.499
Power density 55.4KW/L
Bore×stroke 75mm×84.8mm
Compression ratio 10.5
Emission standard Brazil 5th Phase
Fuel Flexibility Fuel