1.3L Ethanol Fuel Engine
● "Chinese Core"2010 TOP Ten Engine
● Inline 4 cylinder、16 valve、double
● overhead direct drive valve、VVT
● (variable valve timing)、electronic throttle
● The clean energy engine of independent brand
● Own many advanced technology.
The advantages of product
The engine is on behalf of the Chinese independent brand in clean energy in the success of exploration. VVT (continuously variable valve timing), aluminum cylinder block, plastic intake manifold etc, and the perfect combination of 16 advanced technologies.
Good fuel adaptability: You can use any ratio of gasoline ethanol fuel.
Super power: Using the continuous variable valve timing (VVT),overhead direct drive valve, compression ratio, torque than similar models improve about 10%.
Good cold start performance: Engine electronic control system increases the PWM preheating control module, according to the ECU output of the PWM (duty cycle signal) precise control engine preheat nozzle heating time, effectively solve the problem of ethanol fuel cold starts hard under the condition of low temperature.
Environmental performance: Meeting with the Brazil L5 emission, having the potential to upgrade L6.
Rate power (kW/rpm) 73kW/6000rpm
Max.torque 126NmC
Number of cylinders 3000-4500rpm
Total displacement 1.332
Bore*stroke 75mm*75.4mm
Power density 54.8kW/L
Compression ratio 10.5
Emission standard The fifth phase of Brazil
Fuel Flexible fuel