JAC Chassis
-The Real Professional Bus Chassis
In June 1990, the first Chinese bus chassis successfully rolled off line at JAC. In 2005, the 6700KY bus chassis was recognized as one of “the top 50 most influential products of the Chinese automobile industry in the past five decades”.
JAC Chinese real bus chassis that sales volume has ranked No. 1 for dozens of years. Under the guiding principle of ‘Efficient and Professional’, we has developed self-engine bus chassis for city and town passenger transport and high-end pure electric ‘Best’ chassis and rear stabilizer chassis.
Chassis Model HFC6100KY
Dimensions(mm) Wheelbase(mm) 5000
 Tread (mm) Front 2020
Rear 1680
L*W 10050/2400
Overhang Front 2100
Rear 2950
Weight (kg) Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) Vehicle 15000
(front/rear)Axle load 5000/10000
Capability Max. speed(km/h) 85
Engine  Model YC6G240-20 YC6G200-20 YC6105ZLQ CA6DF2-24 CA6DF2D-19
Type in line-6,ind-cooler Turbocharged diesel 4-stroke water-cooling
 Rated Power (HP/rpm) 177/2300 147/2000 155/2500 177/2300 140/2300
Brake system Type Air break, Drum Brake
  Statement: The above mentioned specifications are subject to change without prior notice