After-sales service
Brand Commitment
Core Elements
Service facility standardization,
Standard service procedure,Post qualification
Convenient service network,Genuine spare parts guarantee,Emer-gency quick-response plan
Policy competitiveness,FFV
(Fix at First Visit)rate,
Fill rate at first delivery
Customer care,Call center,Customer satisfaction survey
Service Facility Standardization
By strictly requiring and checking our serve facilities, JAC plan, design and build relative service facility in accordance with our standards for service shops on different levels to achieve an ideal combination of Man, Machine, Material, Method and Environment (5M1E). Meanwhile, JAC start to assess service facilities and give an authorze brand if it meets our certification standards. By now JAC has evaluated and authorized 168 star service centers.
Service Procedure Standardization
Strictly regulate service procedure and promote seven-step service procedure globally. Carry out a standard and systematic service procedure to provide a refined management of service and a maximum service outcome.
Post Qualification
JAC take care and improve professional skills of servicing staffs in terminal outlets .0086-551-62296959 All key staffs should receive professional training, including face-to-face training (in both headquarter and regional service training center) and online training (JAC global training system). No staffs should be allowed to deliver any service unless they are qualified after the training. JAC wish to deliver professional and accurate service to our customers.
Convenient Service Network
Setting the mode of 'service center + fast repair shop' as the basic guiding principle. According to different situations in market, making reasonable layout of service network and shrinking service radius effectively to provide fast service for all process of vehicle using. In 2018, JAC has developed 946 service centers all around the world, covering more than 130 countries and regions.
Genuine Spare Parts Guarantee
Establish three-level spare parts guarantee system: Headquarter spare parts center + Regional spare parts center+Service station spare parts reserve. By applying professional ERP, DMS, WMS and EPC information system and efficient logistics system to control whole process of spare parts order, it can shorten the supply cycle of spare parts and realize the operation efficiency and accuracy. The genuine package of JAC spare parts has achieved brand anti-counterfeiting and fine works' development based on customer's requirements.
Quick-response Emergency Plan
Establishing three-level quick-response emergency plan mechanism (Headquarter + Regional service center + Dealer), deploying service hot-line, ask-the-experts, rescue services, courtesy-car and so on, making and carrying out different emergency plans according to different situations.
Policy Competitiveness
According to customer attributes and identification of customer value, basic warranty policy, extended warranty policy and regional warranty policy based on product full -life-cycle are provided to offer competitive spare parts warranty.
FFV Rate
An evaluation index of Fixed at First Visit (FFV) rate is established. The enhancement of maintenance capacity is pertinently valued by building an overseas training center with the complementary mode of 'dealers cooperation' and 'JAC owned'. For achieving self-learning online management, JAC integrate the maintenance and diagnose big data to develop unified development platform for commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles and push targeted online training courses on line.
Fill Rate at First Delivery
transfer standard, optimize the inventory, adjust the structure and establish the reasonable safety stock. Furthermore, regional spare parts resource sharing mechanism is established and the timeliness of spare parts supplement will be promoted.
Customer Care
The innovation of service activity pattern and network application, realizing change from single service activity to marketing service activity are required to strengthen the direct communication with end-users and intensify users' experience of service activity, collect customer feedback and establish targeted programs of service activity to different market.
Call Center
According to the Call Center Guidebook, the call center system is established based on dealers and information sharing mechanism with JAC, following-up customers regularly, listening to customers, concerning about customer requirements, resolving customers' complaints and enhancing the integrity and accuracy of customer profiles.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
For improving customer satisfaction constantly, it is needed to establish JAC evaluation criteria of after-sales service in accord with leading J.D.Power, collect the research of customers' satisfaction regularly and strengthen analysis and use of evaluation results.
To create more value for customers through applicaton of standard whole process service. Our customers are able to gain more wealth,more satisfactory experences and much better life by our products and service.We commit to our core value of Customer-oriendted Operation' and our operation philosophy' Service-driven Sales'.