2018-07-04 JAC SUV will enter Argentina Market

Although Argentina has left the world cup with glorious, it has left so many splendid moments for us. However, don’t be cry Argentina, we still have good news, and JAC will enter the Argentina market very soon.

JAC won the LCA Certificate from Ministry of environment of Argentina

Entering Argentina Market Planning South America Market

Argentina market is the market the world auto brands were rivaled for, as well as JAC important strategic market in the South America. In order to ensure the smooth entering of the market, and provide the more than value automobile products to the local customers, JAC has made systematically planning and adequate preparation for its products’ launch.

After the past years’ cultivation, JAC will enter the Argentina market in September this year, S2, S3, S5, T6 pick-up and X200 will be simultaneously released into the market. Meanwhile, there will be 15 units of 4S shops will be opened, which means JAC will realize the all coverage of Argentina main markets in the sales and service.

(JAC Group Vice General Manager She Cairong Visited Argentina President Mauricio Macri)

In Argentina market, the pre-heating campaigns of JAC brand were reported by the local media.

Overseas Layout Creates World Famous Brand

As the practitioner of Chinese automobile brands going abroad, JAC stepped ahead with the forward keen sense of the market. Since 1990, the first batches of JAC light-duty trucks have been exported to Bolivia, kicking off JAC batch exporting road. In 2017, JAC has accumulatively exported all kinds of vehicles more than 65,000 units, up by 15%, ranked as the fourth position in the industry. Till now, JAC has established the networking in more than 130 countries covering the South American, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia,West East Asia and East Europe with 19 overseas KD plants.

JAC global brand awareness has been steadily improved when it realized excellent sales performance in the overseas market. In the list of “2018 Global Automobile Brand Value Top 100”issued by British Brand Evaluation Agency, JAC was ranked as 50th position, which was also the 5th position among all the Chinese automobile brands.

Quality Oriented Witnesses SUV High Standard

Behind the success of JAC automobile exporting is the products ’accumulation. Take S7-the SUV JAC has created with more than 50 years automobile making experience and technology accumulation as an example, this car has surpassed its competitors of the same class level in the space, specifications and performance, and created three “The First” in the industry: the first to advocate the popularized use of the emergency security, the first to create the “Security+”automobile security technology brand, the first passenger vehicle to be mass equipped with TESS.

The tire burst of JAC S7 super version was tested in the road traffic test field of Ministry of Communications while S7 was ready to be released into the market. During the test, 5 units of S7 super version equipped with TESS passed through the pin board, although the vehicle made a cloud noise, it could still keep the running in line with the high speed, the excellent performance of which has won the applause of the on-site audiences. The reason why S7 can perform so well is the TESS it equipped.S7 super version has made a new benchmark of security in both the active and passive security and emergency security specifications.

Service Pioneered Achieved “Customers Oriented “New Mode

JAC is the earliest automobile plant who proposed the service brand in China. These years JAC has always stuck to the core ides of “Quality Based”by taking the cooperation and joint venture as a link and the international advance as a benchmark to fully improve the high quality standard, so as to realize the world leading level in products’ quality and service quality.

JAC has made its foothold in Brazil, the largest market in South America, and demonstrated favorable development in Chile and Mexico. If JAC can operate smoothly in Argentina-the third largest economic entity, it will be with great significance. It is believed that JAC can accelerate its breakthrough and development in Argentina market with the guidance of brand upgrading idea.

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