2015-08-26‘Customer-oriented’—JAC Business Way in Iran

Seized the historic development opportunity and JAC accomplished its own valuable adventures in Iran

As the biggest automobile market in Gulf area, Iran has been always the competitive stage of international auto brands, and once 1.6 million vehicles had been sold per year. Recent years, Chinese auto brands have greeted a good opportunity to make great progress because European and American countries’ economic sanctions which make their auto brands exit the market in succession.

In china the’ One Belt And One Road’ strategic plan, Iran serves as a switching station. Any highway, railway, oil and gas pipelines link China and East Asia to Europe that will benefit Iran. And China promotes the quickly development of ‘One Belt And One Road’ and establishes the Silk Road fund will also provide a reliable assurance for Chinese auto enterprises’ development in Iran.

Rely on good market environment, JAC sticks to high quality products and ‘customer-oriented’ service to make a great progress in Iran.

Since entered into Iran market, JAC products has gained local consumer's consistent recognition and the sales of products increased very quickly. In 2014, the passenger car market boosted a sharp growth and exported CKD 15000 units, up by 700% compared with last year. In the first half of this year, JAC had exported 20165 units to Iran, growing by 256%, which has passed the last year's total export volume. Among them, the export of S5 realized the significant progress. Until June 8th 2015, the export of S5 to Iran had accumulated 10093 units; from December 2014, fleets of S5 2.0T+6MT exported to Iran and it had broken through 10,000 units exports just in half of one year.

Besides those hot-sale products, JAC continued to introduce the new products and maintained the products’ diversity to boost the market. In August 2015, JAC held the N721 narrow body truck (N56) launching ceremony grandly in the Mashhad Auto Show.

As the high-end product of JAC light-duty truck, the releasing of N721-N56 will attract more Iran customers; Meanwhile, N721-N56 is one of the few narrow body light truck models on the market, which could make a great contribution to JAC light-duty truck sales in Iran. It will be gradually recognized and accepted by local customers.

Comprehensively implementing the customer-oriented business Principle, JAC Iran team’s paying and harvest

The significantly boost of JAC vehicle export to Iran benefits from J5 export scale’s strengthen and S5’s introduction as well as fully cooperation with each department to guarantee JAC’s smooth operation in Iran.

Recently, in order to satisfy the market demand, JAC Iran plant has carried out three shift production and monthly output up to 3500 units, and the new product’s high temperature test work is still going on. JAC has always adhered to the ‘customer-oriented’ principle and through higher level cooperation, the marketing work will be strengthened, service work will be optimized and the customer satisfaction will be enhanced.

To adapt to Iran market demand, JAC produce the special S5

S5 is a model of compacted urban S5 and upgraded in 2015, which is equipped with 1.5TGDI platinum drive train now. After the comprehensive enhancement, S5 started a new round of upsurge in SUV market. Under this background, JAC is aiming at the international market like Brazil, Iran, Middle East and others areas to produce the adaptive models. The export of S5 to Iran is the typical example.

To adapt to Iran special environment, on base of S5 2015 model, JAC produce the ‘S5 Iran Model’ for Iran market. This model is equipped with 1.5TGDI engine and 6MT, 6DCT two models transmission. And according to Iran special environment temperature and altitude, JAC make an improvement to radiator, air conditioning system and chassis comfort. All the spare parts have passed the Pan-european homologation and the key spare parts all added the E-mark logo and label in both Chinese and English. And according to Iran regulation, JAC added the 120 km/h overspeed alarm system.

In future, JAC will continue to carry out the ‘customer-oriented’ service principle and introduce new models to Iran market. Iran is a very import market of JAC in international market. So the success of Iran market that has a very important meaning to JAC.

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