2015-08-25JAC Gains 537 Million Yuan Profits during the Frist half Year Up by 31.8%

On August 11th, JAC released its 2015 first half year report. The report points out that JAC has realized gross revenue of 23.517 billion yuan, up by 14.55%. Because of the structure optimization, during the first half year, JAC has created profits of 537 million yuan, up by 31.79%.

The report has pointed out that during the first half year, China automobile industry has sold all kinds of vehicles of 11.8503 million yuan with the increase of 1.43%,among which the passenger vehicles have been sold 10.0956 million units, up by 4.8%, and the commercial vehicles have been sold 1.7547 million units, down by 14.41% (the figures come from China Association Of Automotive Manufacturers). During the reporting period, when the industry increase rate slowed down, JAC actively optimized and adjusted the products structure, and finally realized the increase in spite of the industry recession. From January to June, JAC has sold all kinds of automobiles and chassis 292290 units, up by 16.02% with the sales revenue of 23.517 billion yuan.

During the reporting period, JAC demonstrated excellent performance in the overseas markets. During the first half year, JAC has sold 39231 units, growing by 40.88% against the trend, among which the passenger vehicles exports have surpassed 25000 units, up by 86%. The breakthrough of the Iran has made JAC become the second bestselling China automobile brand.

The report pointed out that JAC light-duty trucks have been upgraded to National IV emission standard. Currently, the National IV light-duty trucks sell well, among which the high-end light-duty trucks have realized grow against the industry decrease trend, Meanwhile, JAC has started the layout of light-duty trucks with National V emission standard. JAC aims to capture the chances of emission upgrading to seize high-end light-duty trucks market through the effective energy-saving products.

New energy vehicles are JAC core strategic business, and JAC will increase the investment to create new energy core competitive edge and leading superiority through technology innovation, products innovation and business mode innovation. JAC sticks to the strategy of “Focus on segmentation market +Integrates superior resources”, and makes use of the technology storage in pure electric vehicles area combined with the competitiveness in the traditional automobiles markets to create JAC the leading position in the new energy vehicles segment market. JAC has developed new energy business in the public service areas, private customers markets, city logistics and coaches. Besides, JAC has made secondary public offering of 4.5 billion yuan on new energy passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and core spare parts. According to the new energy automobile business development strategy, by the year of 2025, the output of JAC new energy vehicles will occupy more than 30% of the whole JAC total outputs. By then, JAC will form the new layout of energy saving automobiles, new energy automobiles and intelligent network automobiles.

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