2015-07-20JAC Performance Growth -nearly 50% Despite Sluggish Global Market

Leading the industry, JAC Motors’ export performance growth rate has increased by 41%. The company’s exports scale has jumped to third position with exports of nearly 40,000 units, undeterred by slow economic growth.

Though the global economy has risen moderately, overall the global emerging and developing markets are recovering slowly. Despite the slow rise, during the first half year of 2015, China’s automobile industry exports were predicted to decrease by 12% due to weak external demands and the RMB exchange rate, which have influenced China’s exports; causing a reduction in the country’s automotive production.

In truck exports performance, JAC has exported over 8000 light-duty trucks. The rising brand’s line of light-duty trucks has been continuously optimized, with JAC exporting over 4000 units in their high-end light-duty trucks N series, covering up to 86% of all exported light-duty trucks. In markets such as Algeria and Chile, JAC trucks remain in first position when compared with other Chinese brands. JAC has also been leading the automotive industry through their exports in the South American market in addition to Chile, JAC’s heavy-duty truck performance has improved with exports increasing by 236% during their first quarter. Their exporting of over 4000 heavy-truck units was primarily driven by exports to Venezuela; the largest order signed by JAC and the Venezuela government.

Finally, in terms of passenger vehicle performance, the automaker is currently ranked second in the industry. JAC’s exports in this area have increased up to 86% through exporting more than 25000 units. As well, due to an increase in sales within the Iranian market, SUV S5 has become a rising star in the SUV segment market with second position amongst Chinese brands, further demonstrating the quality of JAC products.

About JAC Motors
JAC Motors is an automaker that develops full-line independent brand vehicles including light, medium and heavy trucks, sedans, MPV, SRV, buses, chassis, engineering machinery, engines, and gearboxes. Based in Hefei, China, the company’s research and development center drives its innovation. JAC also founded China’s first overseas research and development center in Turin Italy, and a second in Tokyo, Japan.

JAC has been in business for over fifty years, and currently produces more than 1,000,000 units and 500,000 engines annually, ranking it among China’s top 10 automakers.

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