2014-04-10S5 visited Louvre in France, feeling its outstanding art
Lying north side of Seine River, mysterious Louvre won attention from the whole world without any sound in its history. People will never comprehend its mystery and take it as precious as treasure. This time, JAC"go brazil goal" team came to Louvre.
Louvre is one of the oldest/biggest and famous museums in the world. There are 3 treasures in the world: Venus statue/Mona Lisaoil painting and winged Victory, with whole area of 55 thousand square meters. From 10th august, 1793, Louvre opened officially, becoming a museum. From then, collections became more and more, including those tributes confiscated by Nepoleon. Now, Louvre has become world-famous palace of art.
Louvre has so many collections, yet not many visitors can find its true features. Because all its 6 exhibition halls only open on Mondays and Wednesdays, and only 1/3 of its collections are open for public. For example, it has over 15000 pieces of drawings, yet only show 2000 pieces to public, so not many people know its all treasures. Surrounded by 400 thousand treasures, we all will have much thought facing Louvre and its history, which is its charm.
Each treasure in Louvre can give people some kind of shock, making us think that artists can only create such art with help of God. Art is interlinked, S5 is also a bright scenery out of Louvre. In representative of Chinese and French culture, they have a passionate collision.
With S5 team, we visited many scenic spots in Paris, and we also feel proud because Chinese president also came to France. Next station is French national team training base. Looking forward to more fantastic stories!
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