2014-03-25In Turin's Spring, with S5 to Explore JAC Cars'Art Origin
Farewell Florence, we arrived in the third biggest city of Italy and the home count of Juventus FC- Turin. From sunrise to sundown, the stable performance of S5 made us enjoy a comfortable journey.
On the way to Turin, we found it is a city can which can perfectly combine technology with classical, art with fashion. Turin is well-known to the world for its Baroque and neoclassical French architecture, and it also the seat of the best university of Italy - Turin Polytechnic University.
Turin’s automobile industry is also world-renowned like its art. It is the automobile city of Italy and the biggest European vehicle producing base. And also in here, JAC owns its one of overseas R&D design centers- JAC Turin R&D center with a high-level and super-star team of designer and engineer. Mr. Daniele Gaglione, Mr. Giancarlo Concilio and Mr. Maurizio Poli organize an incredible legend design team.
Italy super star designer – Mr.Daniele Gaglione is the general leader of JAC Turin R&D Center who once worked for Alfa-Romeo, Maserati and Chrysler Auto Company as the chief designer. Alfa-Romeo and the latest series products of Maserati were designed by him. And the most well-known masterpiece is Alfa-Romeo 8C Supercar which is recognized even better than Ferrari.
Mr. Giancarlo Concilio is JAC interior trim design chief who was in charge of the interior trim design for Fiat, Lancia and Maserati Auto Company. And the new car model of Maserati Quattroporte’s interior trim also is designed by him, which is recognized as the most luxurious four doors racing car in the world. More than 20 years’ professional research, Mr. Giancarlo Concilio owns rich experience and enthusiastic working passion.
Mr. Maurizio Poli is JAC engine chief who was the chief engineer of Georgia Luo and Stola world-famous automobile design company, and he comes from a legend automobile design family.
After arriving Turin, we visited three main cooperative corporations of JAC Turin R&D Center- ISMB Company, Magna Company and Profile Company. ISMB Company has a large amount of very powerful scientific research cooperative partners and its successes reflect in some top-level scientific research fruits. ISMB and JAC have established a strong cooperative relationship and its design concept and product model of vehicle-mounted entertainment information system will display in 2014 Beijing Auto Show.
In past nine year, JAC Turin R&D Center has brought numerous of unparalleled car design works. And JAC will insist on bringing high quality products to customers all around the world. Super star designer, engineer team and big three cooperative companies accomplish a strong and charming JAC.
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