2013-03-25The Newest Intelligent S5 Stages its appearance
As the first model of the second generation of strategic products of JAC passenger vehicle, S5 was launchedon the market grandly in Beijing, China on March 19th, 2013, indicating that JAC started a new period of winning the market with quality and efficiency after JAC has accomplished auto category layout and brands integration. Relying on the strong power, five-star security, intelligent technology and large space, S5 has been awarded as "All-Powerful SUV" and "New Benchmark of City SUV"by consumers. A professional forecasted that S5 would become an important force to promote the rapid development of SUV markets in China and the world.
S5 not only has amore comfortable and more spaciousspace, but also owns a better passability like off-road vehicles, which can fully reflect the personality of the driver and meet consumers' diverse travel needs. In order to gain a foothold in the highly competitive SUV market, it requires not only just the advances of product technology, but also more the functional construction involving consumers' demands-oriented. S5 is just a kind of vehicle that makes the consumer demandas the R&D needs, andwins the title of "New Benchmark of City SUV".
Function is Around You
As a city SUV, S5 perfectly shows the combination of freedom and space. It cannot only guarantee comfort when driving freely in the city, but also easily qualify for the long journey of the mountain trails. S5 has a minimum ground clearance of 210mm, which is the highest ground clearancein the same level SUV. Moreover, S5 also owns anoverlarge trunk of 505L; if the rear seats are folded flat, the storage space can expand to 1100L, fully meeting the consumers' high-quality leisure life.
T Power is Around You
In the automobile consumption era, cars has more than just a means of transport , more people hope it will bring more driving fun , which all need to do to protect the powerful powertrain .
The engine of S5 is used turbo technology, named "T Power", which can maintain themaximum power outputfor a long timein a larger span of speed, and the maximum power can increase about 40% more thanthe ordinary engine. For example, thepower output value​of 2.0T S5can be achieved even more than that of the ordinary 2.4L engine, allowing the passengers to experience a strong sense of pushing backat moments.
Many consumers who do not understand the "T Power"may have this doubt: Does the fuel consumption becomehigher by the stronger power? Indeed the fuel consumption is not a small expenditure for many people in the conservation-oriented society, even without considering the topic of energy conservation and environmental protection.But you do not have to worry about with S5.Turbo technology is use of the exhaust gas produced by the engine, and the final amount of emissions would be reduced significantly by recycling, which caused much lower pollution than the ordinary engine. On the other hand, the engine efficiency greatly improveddue to the recycling of exhaust gas. The fuel consumption of the T-powered vehicles will be greatly reduced at the same level engines.
"T Power"is advanced green technology with lower fuel consumption and lower emissions, and the power is much stronger. Equipped with thegold powertrain of 2.0T/1.8T+6MT,S5 not only effectively improves the fuel economy on the basis of guarantee dynamic, but also experiencestheextremely smooth when shifting process. S5 is powerful and fuel-efficient environmentally friendly, equipping T-power can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
Safety is Around You
All the establishment of high quality life is only a foundation, it's safe. ForS5, consumers' demand for safe driving is the most important function of its mission.
In accordance with the safety standards of European five-star design, S5 not only equips some safety equipment meeting Europe's second-stage pedestrian protection design, such as the legs protection beams, a flexible shear wiper, children head protection structure headlights,but also owns theintelligent security systems, such asESC vehicle stability system, TCS traction control, whose active safety achievesthe safety certification in Europe and North America.Equipping with many other intelligent modules such as Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), Hill-start Assist System (HAS) and Hill Descent Control (HDC), S5 can help drivers to control more conveniently and more easily.In addition, S5 is the only SUV usingElectronic Power Steering System (EPS), protecting occupants more stable at high speeds. S5 can protect you during the entire journey in your business or family tourism.
In accordance with the European manufacturing standards strictly, JAC adheres to the road of "Quality JAC" as itsfoundation to development. These are JAC's goals that JAC always insists on: to stickto the road of quality and efficiency, to continue to forge ahead, to accomplishindustrial layout through the globalization step-by-step, andto form all-round competitionswith the international auto makers inbrand, services, products, channels.Based onthe world model factory, and theEuropean auto quality, we will be able to see JAC accomplishes the span from "Made in China"to "Chinese Brands".
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