JAC has achieved an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units completed vehicle and 500,000 units engine and ranked as the top 10 in Chinese auto industry.
JAC State-Level
Corporate Technology R&D Center
of JAC business divisions
The famous overseas development institutes
 Powertrain design
Domestic production, study and research cooperation institutes
JAC R&D Centers in
Italy and Japan
 Product development
JAC five-layer
R&D system
Forming a complete domestic and overseas
support system
First –class R&D
JAC invested one hundred million U.S.
dollars in building a first-class international
R&D base, which covers

49173 square meters,

and includes an R&D Center, a Passenger Cars, Heavy-Duty Trucks and Light-Duty Trucks Authentication Center, and a Design Studio etc. and owns internationally advanced test equipment such as K&C suspension performance test board and a transmission system test board. The R&D base can accommodate 3,000 members of staff at the same time and independently undertake the tasks of designing, trial-manufacturing, testing of complete vehicles and core components, with its independent R&D ranking first in China.
JAC owns 821 invention patents and successfully implemented national automobile development projects. In addition, 44 R&D projects of JAC have been incorporated into the national and provincial key science and technological projects, and 55 product technologies have reached the national leading level.
By absorbing the essence of the R&D systems of internationally advanced companies, JAC has created a rigorous, scientific and high-efficient NAM product development process, further
International R&D platform
Meet the requirements of international
JAC has introduced an internationally advanced vehicle body modeling design, achieving CAS application based on the Alias software, the interactive appraisal of immersive virtual reality and the application of internationally advanced five-axis machining center.
JAC uses internationally advanced complete vehicle CAN electronic design technology, CAE emulation and analysis technology, vehicle body safety design technology and lightweight design technology to assure products' elegant appearance, good steering ability, stability and comfort to meet the requirements of international regulations.
The three major powertrain products for energy saving and environmental protection which utilize new energies
TCI, CTI etc.
JAC utilizes international level engine technologies such as GDI
The development of speed-to-length ratio gearbox
With the integration application of the internationally advanced engine technologies of TGDI, VVT, etc., the company has realized their miniaturized-based energy saving and environmental protection goal of small-displacement engines by replacing high-emission engines, in addition to the ability of developing the product series of self-developed engines, AT transmissions, hybrid power and new power products, etc.
Professional Manufacturing Capacity
Commercial vehicle production line
Accumulating nearly 50 years of technology and experience, JAC has developed an internationally advanced commercial vehicle production line equipped with world-class pressing machines, intelligent welding machines and fully automated painting equipment, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 vehicles.
Passenger car production line
JAC ensures product quality with hardware guarantee with high-tech, high-precision equipment supplied by world-class manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the U.S., including production and automated inspection equipment, welding robots, advanced dust-free management mode, automatic positioning production line design, tilting electrophoresis, and environment friendly water-based lacquer.
Engine production line
JAC has introduced internationally advanced technologies and equipment to create a world level engine product line, and achieve the application of GDI,TCI,CTI,TGDI,VVT and other engine technologies, to keep pace with the international level. Now, it has the capability of producing gasoline engines, diesel engines, CNG, hybrid power, and pure electric vehicles, and so on, and the annual production capability has reached 500,000 units.