JAC has achieved an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 units completed vehicle and 500,000 units engine and ranked as the top 10 in Chinese auto industry.
Corporate Society Responsibility
Welfare to the employees
Contribution to society
Taking staff as the center, and continue to pursue staffs’ material and spiritual happiness, to make everybody has a meaningful and brilliant life.
HR development and management working system, and incentives, training and education system to develop and mobilize staffs’ potential ability. Building a good environment where employees can have a full play of their ability through “treatment, career and affection"
To achieve a common progress of the overall value chain, JAC keeps up with the trend of social progress by system innovation and accurate seizing the application of "safety, energy-saving and environmental friendly" technology application.
Integrity Operation
Enhancing compliance management and credit business operation, improving corporate governance, strengthening the internal control system and investor relationship management, JAC gets better integrity business operation by timely and accurately diffusing of information.
Technological Innovation
Marketing-oriented, JAC strictly implies the NAM process and continuously to improve products quality.
Focusing on the customer experience, ongoing customer satisfaction survey and defective auto recall, JAC continues to improve its service quality.
Local Contribution
JAC contributes to the local market by stable tax payment and increasing opportunities of employments.
Social Welfare
Guiding all the employees to enthusiastically participate in charity, focusing on vulnerable groups as the assistance objects, JAC actively carries out volunteer activities.
Environmental Protection
Advocating E-office working, JAC carries out environmental protection activities, such as putting 2693 units of new energy pure electric vehicles into the market.
JAC 2015 Society Responsibility Report