Big--Compact SUV with biggest space
Intelligent--Rich intelligent and safety configuration
Wisdom--Fashion and sporty exterior; luxury and elegant interior
Drive--Reliable and durable; great power; perfect
driving control and ride experience
S7 has a super long wheelbase of 2750mm which provides skip-level driving and ride space.
Two power options
S7 is equipped with the leading domestic 1.5TGDI +6 DCT platinum power combination. 1.5T GDI engine maximum power is 128KW, maximum torque is 251N.M which is in a world leader level and far more than the same displacement engine. At the same time, providing 2.0T +6 MT / 6DCT power combination for the user to choose. 2.0T engine is has the 7% fuel-efficient compared with the same displacement engine, and the maximum power is 140Kw, maximum torque is 300N.M. 6DCT is the international leading wet dual-clutch whose transmission efficiency is up to 94% with stable performance.
Two type engines have super power whose power data are better than similar products on the market. 2.0T + models 0-100km/h sprint is only 9.8 seconds and 1.5TGDI models 0-100km/h sprint is 10.8 seconds.
Fuel efficient and durable
S7 is equipped with multi-purpose fuel-efficient technology, such as engine start and stop, ECO economic driving mode, 6-speed wet double-clutch, low-roller tire, drag coefficient as low as 0.3464 aerodynamics and so on which help the 1.5TGDI vehicle fuel consumption reaches 8.5L / 100km.
The vehicle completes the mountain road, high ring, strengthened road, four-high-one-mountain, the national working conditions road durability test, Xing'an unit special road test, three high calibration, 4 column reliability, 27 channel vehicle durability test. The cumulative test mileage reaches 80 Million kilometers which is equivalent to the general highway 2.4 million kilometers.
Intelligent and wisdom driving
Head-up display function
S7 is equipped with head up display(HUD) function and the information displayed on HUD is simplified and prominent visuality. And it can replace the convenience of combination instrument in driving and obtain the key information more easily and more quickly which can decrease the risk of blind driving.
Stabilization system
S7 uses the high performance vehicle body stabilization system(ESC) from American TRW Automotive which has 14 active control stabilization functions in total, including anti-lock braking system(ABS), electronic brake distribution(EBD), electric body stability system(ESC), traction control system(TCS), emergency brake assisted uphill(HBA), assistant HAS, hill descent control(HDC), electric brake pre-charging(EBP), vehicle dynamic deceleration function(CDP), emergency stop signal system(ESS), active anti-roll protection(ARP), auto-hold.
Parking assistance
S7 is equipped with parking assistance system and 360o panorama image which improve the safety of customers in parking. 360o panorama image system uses four digital cameras and collects the surrounding environment in current time to output to MP5 screen which can ensure no dead angle of the vehicle body, improve the driving safety of the driver, assist driver to park the car and improve the parking safety.
Corner supplementary lighting
S7 increase the front fog light turning auxiliary lighting function. When the vehicle is in turning, the inside fog light will automatically light on which enhance the safety of night driving.
Automatic emergency braking
S7 is equipped with automatic emergency braking system(AEB), the system uses the radar to measure the distance with the front vehicle or obstacle, and then uses the data analysis module to measure the distance and alarm distance, safety distance, gives out waring when it is less than the alarm distance. And even the driver does not have time to brake in the case of less than the safe distance, AEB system will start so that the car automatically brake which can protect the safety of traveling.
Lane departure warning
S7 is equipped with lane departure warning systems(LDW) which can recognize the lane departure under the condition of no intention of driver(turning light not turned on), and use lane departure warning system indicator lamp, central display screen head up display module to display, and use sounds, light and the tweet by using hummer in instrument panel to give out the warning in advance and ensure the driver to focus on the front road completely.
Front collision warning
S7 is equipped with front collision warning system(FCW) and can detect the front car continuously by using radar system to analysis the distance, direction and relative speed with it which will give out the warning to the driver when there is a potential of collision.
Blind spot monitoring
S7 uses the radar on the two side of the vehicle back to collect the distance, speed, direction and other information of the target car. The radar wave can cover the driver's view dead zone and give the light reminder when driver changes the lanes actively to enhance the driving safety.
Adaptive cruise control
S7 is equipped with adaptive cruise control system which further enhance the technology on the basis of the ordinary cruise control technology. If there is no vehicle in front of vehicle, the vehicle will achieve speed cruise function and if there are vehicles in front of the vehicle, the car will change speed according of the speed of the front vehicle which truly realize the "liberation of the driver's feet" to achieve safe driving.
High strength body structure
S7 vehicle body uses a large quantities of high-strength steel up to 74% . A column, B column, left and right stringer use yield strength of more than 1500MPa ultra-high strength hot-rolled steel to achieve C-NCAP five-star safety standards.
High quality acoustics
S7 is equipped with ten high-quality Harman sound system. The bass is tight and powerful, the alt is smooth and clear treble, the spectrum is relatively balanced, the sound field positioning is clear, the overall sound effect is far better than non-brand audio.
Excellent NVH performance
Excellent NVH performance: S7 uses systematic NVH performance development to let the noise in idling speed of 40,60,80,100,120 km / h performance is better than the mainstream market models and achieve the level of joint venture vehicles.
Excellent NVH performance
Excellent NVH performance: S7 uses systematic NVH performance development to let the noise in idling speed of 40,60,80,100,120 km / h performance is better than the mainstream market models and achieve the level of joint venture vehicles.