M4, Brand-new MPV
The hexagonal JAC family front air-inlet grille of M4 forms a perfect
harmony with the face. The chromeplated panels of the grille
add some stylish elements to the car and the inlaid logo JAC
looks rough and robust.
The headlamp echoes the grille, with the whole contour of the inverted inverted trapezoidal design, which set off the pioneering spirit of the car. The internal structure is simple and terse and the band-type LED daytime running lamps look highly technological. The L-shape design of the lamps is arranged along the contour of the headlamps, thus creating an imposing impression.
The newly-added 2.0VVT+ Engine makes M 4 more powerful and energy-efficient than the 2.0VVT model, and various combinations of 2.0VVT, 1.9CTI and 2.0T suit to the needs of different drivers.
Equipped with ABS+EBD, M4 can ma intain the stability of the car when braking, thus preventing the car from going out of control.
Real-time monitoring of tyre pressure
Tyre pressure monitoring helps avoid potential risks in that when the tyre pressure is below the standard, the instrument panel will sound an alarm, thus preventing drivers from danger.
Reversing radar and reversing image
A standard M4 is equipped with reversing radar, while a high-end one both reversing radar and reversing image. The reversing radar judges the distance from the rear obstacles based on the chirping frequencies of the buzzer inside the instrument panel, while the RVC directly transfers the video of the condition behind the car to the display screen.
Car body made of 68% high-intensity steel
The car body is made of high-intensity steel, the proportion of which reaches 68 percent, effectively absorbing energy and preventing deformation, thus ensuring the safety of passengers.
Dual airbags
Equipped with dual airbags, M4 can ensure the passive safety of passengers.
Model M42.0VVT+5MT
Specifications Load cargo version passenger version 
Dimensional parameter  Overall dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)  5200×1890×1970
Wheelbase (mm)  3080
Min ground clearance(mm) ≥160 (full-load)
Front/rear overhang (mm) 1025/1095
Gross vehicle weight (kg)  2725
Curb weight (kg)  1950
Seating capacity  2 11
Fuel tank capacity(L) 80
Powrtrain Engine technology VVT
Fuel type Gasoline
Displacement(cc)  1997
Maximum horsepower (HP) 147
Maximum power (kW) 108/6000
Maximum torque (N·m) 196/4000-4500
Emission Standard Euro V
Transmission model  5MT
Gear ratio Ⅰ:3.842/Ⅱ:2.353/Ⅲ:1.529/Ⅳ:1.000/Ⅴ:0.839/R:2.765
Main gear ratio 3.909
Max speed (km/h) 160
Max gradeability (%) ≥30
Chassis system
Front suspension Dual-swing arm independent
Rear suspension  Spring assy dependent 
Steering Hydraulic power
Front brake  Disc
Rear brake Drum
Parking brake  Hand brake Hand brake
Tire size 205/70 R15  205/70 R15 
rim  Steel Steel
Full size spare tire
Small size spare tire -- --
Safety equipment Driver airbag 
Co-driver airbag  -- --
Front seats side airbags -- --
Rear seats side airbags -- --
Side curtain airbags -- --
Knee airbags -- --
TPMS-Tire pressure monitoring system  -- --
whole vehicle three-point seatbelt  --
Driver seat belt with alarm system 
Co-driver seat belt with alarm system  -- --
ISOFIX (Child seat connector)
IMMO (Engine immobilizer)
Central door locking 
Remote key
ABS-Anti lock Braking System
EBD-Electronic Brake force Distribution
BA- Brake Assist
ESC-Electronic Stability Control  -- --
BOS -- --
Front parking sensor -- --
Rear parking sensor
Reversing video images -- --
Over-speed alarming -- --
Exterior equipment Power sunroof  -- --
Panoramic sunroof  -- --
Right side of the mechanical sliding door 
Bilateral  mechanical sliding door  -- --
Bilateral electronic sliding door  -- --
Lighting Collocation  Halogen headlamps 
LED daytime running lamps
Composite  tail lamps
Front fog lamp -- --
Rear fog lamp
Headlamps cleaning system (SRA) -- --
Headlamps height adjustable
Headlamps automatic lightening -- --
Follow me home function -- --
Glass & rearview mirror Front power windows
Rear power windows -- --
One key descend function with driver's widow
One key lift function with driver's widow+hand clamping prevention -- --
Rearview mirror electric adjustment
Rearview mirror heating -- --
Rearview mirror electric folding -- --
Memory outside rearview mirror -- --
Intelligence interior rearview mirror -- --
Automatic anti glare of interior rearview mirror -- --
Extrapolating the middle window 盲窗
window in the window of the middle window  盲窗
Extrapolating the back window 盲窗
Privacy glass of back row -- --
Rear wiper
Front rain sensing wiper -- --
Sunshade curtain of back row -- --
Front windscreen heating -- --
Interior equipment Dark interiors
Sun visor mirror of  driver's seat
Sun visor mirror of  co-driver's seat
Common steering wheel
Multifunction steering wheel -- --
Up and down adjustment of steering wheel
Before and after adjustment of steering wheel -- --
Trip computer
Sound insulation pad of hood
Multi-functional combination switch
Needle carpet
Instrument cluster dimmer switch
Front air conditioning
Rear air conditioning --
Seats Leather seat -- --
Manual  control of driver seat
Electric control of driver seat -- --
Manual control of co-driverseat
Electric control of co-driverseat -- --
Before and after sliding of second seats(7seats) -- --
360 ° rotating of second seats(7seats) -- --
With second turning of Second seat(8seats) -- --
Fold + suspension of  seats(7/8seats) -- --
Third seat stationary  (9/11seats)
Fourth seat stationary (9/11seats)
Multimedia configuration Radio
CD -- --
MP5 -- --
GPS -- --
Mobile with car linking -- --
Bluetooth phone -- --
Car televation -- --
LCD screen of back row -- --
iPod -- --
Speakers 4 4
Power inverter -- --
High-technology collocation  Electrical parking brake -- --
CCS-Cruise control system -- --
Keyless entry -- --
Keyless start -- --
Engine start/stop -- --
Automatic parking -- --
市场特殊配置需求 Insulating glass  -- --
Tire pressure gauge -- --
Medical kits -- --
Fire extinguisher -- --
English、Arabic nameplate  -- --
Fuel consumption label  -- --
English、Arabic warnings labels for vehicle  -- --