JAC Heavy-duty Truck
-Excellent Value, the New
Epoch of Chinese Heavy Truck
JAC heavy-duty truck integrates global advanced technology. According to the different
markets, we innovate and optimize our products endlessly and continue to enrich our
lineup to satisfy various road conditions and our costumers’ demands, enabling JAC
heavy truck to become a high-end heavy truck in the international market.
There are four basic models for customers’ different options: lorry, tractor, dumper, and mixer.JAC heavy-duty truck is bound to put you in the lead to anywhere your business may take you.
The white body shell is designed in accordance with European safety standards. The energy absorption zone structure increases the anti-collision capability, thus guaranteeing passive safety;
1.5mm is the overall thickness of the cab’s metal sheets; However, the cab’s collision zones have been reinforced with 3 mm metal sheets. This reinforcement has improved the cab’s anti-collision capability.
The cab body is welded by automatic welding robots. This guarantees welding precision and quality.
Four-point cab air suspension system can effectively reduce poor road condition’s impact on the driver and passengers during driving.
Highly reliable
All of the chassis components have undergone CAE finite element analysis to ensure the chassis strength. The strong chassis ensures security under high loading and fast speed working conditions;
The Steyr-technology Weichai engines, power output ranges from 260hp-430hp, good fuel economy and low operating cost;
EVB exhaust-valve-braking system with MAN proprietary technology; high braking efficiency and lower fuel consumption contribute to lower operating cost;
ZF gearbox, with synchronizer, smooth and easy shifting is highly reliable.
Frame cross section dimension
Tractor 316*97*(8+7)
Cargo carrier 316*90*(8+7)
Mixer 316*97*(8+7)
Dumper 316*97*(8+7)   322*97*(8+10)
JAC offers the toughest vehicle frame in China, strong loading capability, never yielding to cargo weight.
Optimized design of rear axle suspension based on mature and reliable Steyr rear axle suspension structure, with reinforced front and rear leaf spring, which ensures the high loading capacity of the whole vehicle.
Outstanding Manufacturing Process
The only Japan Kawasaki 6000-ton-hydraulic stamping machine in China. The stamp-one-time-into-shape process treatment ensures the seamless match of the main frame and sub frame, thus avoiding the problem of frame deformation under stress concentration by other stamping process treatments.
All the welding of the cab body is done by automatic machinery of international standard welding quality.
Painting of the cab is also done by automated painting equipment. Advanced cathode electrophoresis treatment ensures non-corrosion or perforation of the cab within 10 years. Car-level painting quality resulted from world-class painting treatment;
Lean assembly line layout of plant combined with Toyota production system creates a smooth and efficient production platform; advanced assembly equipments from BOSCH and Graco are used for assembly to ensure quality.
Impressive Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Performance
JAC heavy-duty trucking customers have found that they offer impressive fuel economy. Depending on load, road and driving style, it may be the best choice. Aerodynamic design feature, streamlined shape and curved surface contribute to less air drag and better fuel economy.
Local Modification for All Kinds of Environments and Temperatures
For maintaining outstanding performance in different environments and temperatures, JAC heavy trucks have been modified for alpine areas, high-temperature regions, low-temperature regions, and desert areas.
A complete range to choose from
JAC heavy-duty trucks are available with a variety of outputs and with Euro 4, Euro 3 and Euro 2 emission levels. This makes it possible for you to enjoy the unique styling, the special feeling and all the benefits of JAC heavy –duty trucks with an engine that fits your needs exactly.
  • Dumper    
  • Tractor    
  • Lorry    
  • Mixer    
Model HFC3252KR1K3 HFC3311P1K6E39F HFC3253KR1 HFC3310KR1
Drive mode 6*4 6*4 6*4 8*4
Engine Model WP10.380E32 WP12.400E40 WP10.380E32 WD12.375
Emission levels E-Ⅲ E-Ⅳ EE-Ⅲ E-Ⅱ
Max output power(hp/rpm) 380/2200 400/1900 380/2200 375/2200
Max torque(N·m/rpm) 1460/1200-1600 1920/1000-1400 1460/1200-1600 1500/1300-1600
Transmission Model 10JSD160T+QH50 12JSD200TA+QH50 10JSD160T+QH50 10JSD160T+QH50
Rear axle;ratio Steyr;5.73 Steyr;4.8、5.73 Steyr;5.73/4.8 Steyr;4.8/4.38
Clutch Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring Single, dry plate, screw spring ,power assist,VALEO
Braking system Dual-circuit air brake Dual-circuit air brake Dual-circuit air brake,WABCO system Dual-circuit air brake,WABCO system
Main Parameter Overall dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 7612×2495×3150 7939×2495×3170 8258×2495×3192 9005×2495×3150
Wheelbase(mm) 3690+1350 3900+1350 4250+1450 1800+3200+1350
GVW/GCW(Kg) 50000 33000 40000 35000
Rated load (kg) 35000 18330 28200 20500
Tire 12.00R20、12R22.5 18PR 12.00R20-18PR、12R22.5、13R22.5、315/80R22.5 12.00R24 12R22.5

Model HFC1341KR1T HFC1304K1R1LT
Drive mode 10×4 8×4
Engine Model WP10.340E32 WP10.310E32/WP10.340E32
Emission levels E-Ⅲ E-Ⅲ
 Max output power(hp/rpm) 340/2200 310、340/2200
Max torque(N-m/rpm) 1350/1200-1600 1250、1350/1200-1600
Transmission Model 12JSD160T/TA、12JSD180T 12JSD160T/TA、12JSD180T
PTO / /
Rear axle;ratio 4.111、4.3 4.111、4.3、4.875
Clutch   Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring   Single, dry plate, diaphragm spring
Braking system  Dual-circuit air brake  Dual-circuit air brake
 Main Parameter Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 11700*2500*3220/3630 11905*2500*3220/3630
 Wheelbase 1900+3750+1350+1350 1700+5100+1350/1900+5100+1350
 GVW(Kg) 34000 30950
Rated load(Kg) 23370 20870
Tire 11.00R20 16PR、 11.00R20 18PR、 12.00R20 18PR、 12R22.5 18PR 11.00R20 16PR、 11.00R20 18PR、 12.00R20 18PR、 12R22.5 18PR