Vehicle for Your Life
Front of JAC A60 is subtle, stylish and elegant. The robust
chrome-plated panels present the greatest sense of power and
visual impact; the extraordinary taste highlights JAC A60, which
looks quite prominent like a very sexy and muscular man. The
JAC LOGO is embedded on the front grille, presenting greatest
generosity and fashion.
The high-side waistline, together with high window-line design, ensure driver and passengers can strongly sense they are enveloped in the car. And the folding line that runs through the front and rear handles fully reflects JAC A60's emphasis on passive safety.
The clean, efficient and robust 1.5L TGDI, featuring inline 4-cylinder, DOHC 16V, GDI, TGI and DVVT fully take technical advantages and improve power and competitiveness. The maximum power of the engine is 128KW and the largest torque is 251Nm with the torque per liter reaching 168Nm/L. The power ability far exceeds that of same-displacement engine, taking the world-leading position. It is featured by high performance, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, light weight and high reliability.
The world-leading 6DCT transmission
Transmission equipped on JAC Refine A60 is the AT transmission with leading international level, which was developed by JAC after years of efforts. Together with the 1.5L TGDI developed together with JAC, it produces the "1.5TGDI+6DCT platinum powertrain".
Advanced EPS system
JAC A60 adopts the advanced EPS and mature non-contact torque sensor to ensure reliability of steering system. The accurate aligning control, the powerful manual setting, the safe soft stopping point control and damping compensation of non-typical working conditions provide safer and more comfortable driving experience to drivers.
Powerful braking system
JAC A60 has powerful braking system with 100km braking distance less than 42 m. The front FN caliper of Germany is featured by low noise, wonderful corrosion resistance, less side friction of friction plate, less dragging force and better comfort. The rear caliper adopts EPB of TRW, which has the strong points of high space use, adjustable braking force and light weight.
Active safety-ESC
Equipped with ESC, JAC A60 can control oversteer or understeer to make driving safer and reduce traffic deaths by 20%.
In case of emergency brake, it improves response speed of the system while
shortening braking distance.
It can reduce the serious pedestrian accidents by 13%.
Active safety-HSA
HAS makes start easier. It ensures that, when vehicle starts on the hill when the parking brake is not applied, the vehicle can remain braked for a few seconds when the right foot leaves the brake pedal so that the driver can easily shift the right foot from brake pedal to accelerator pedal and avoid accident in an easy way.
Active safety-HDC
The HDC makes downhill easier. Just press HDC button when driving down the hill and the vehicle will control speed automatically so as to alleviate fatigue and make down-hill stable, comfortable and safe.
Safer tyre pressure monitoring system
JAC A60 airbag tyre pressure monitoring system adopts the principle of direct tyre pressure monitoring. The independent display synchronized with meters and navigator looks more prominent. It shows the pressure of four tyres in a real-time and accurate way, ensuring safety of the vehicle.
360-degree airbag protection system
The JAC A60 is equipped with 8 airbags, including DAB, PAB, front and rear side airbags and side air curtains. The sufficient airbag standard test and ACU precision control ensure front and rear seat passengers are protected.
Three-point pretensioner seat belt
The pretensioner can tightly fasten driver and passengers on the seat. Together with airbags, it can effectively reduce the injury. JAC A60 adopts three-point pretensioner seat belt with higher safety system.
High-strength body
JAC A60 adopts super-high-strength steels in A-pillar, B-pillar, door reinforced beam and roof beam, accounting for 25% of the total vehicle weight. For the first time, it uses the DP780 steel and employs structural glue in pillars A, B and C, threshold, hubcap and front rail to improve the vehicle body strength by 10%.
High-performance reversing radar system
The JAC A60 reversing radar system adopts supersonic sensors consisting of four front probes and four rear probes with scanning alarm
equipped on two sides, and has high anti-interference, which can detect obstacles in all directions behind the vehicle. And audio reminder with different frequencies at the buzzer ensures safe reversing.
Model 1.5TGDI+6DCT
Specifications  Comfort Luxury Intelligent
Dimensional parameter 
 Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)    5005*1890*1503 
Wheelbase (mm)  2915
Min ground clearance(mm) 137
Fuel tank capacity(L) 70
Tread(mm) 1615/1600
Min turning radius (m) 6.1
Curb weight (kg)  1665
Gross vehicle weight (kg)  2040
Emission standard  Euro V
Engine model HFC4GC1.6D
Engine type DOHC Inline 4 cylinder 16 valve
Displacement(cc)  1.499
Intake type Turbo-charging
Engine technology (DVVT)
Maximum power (kW) 128/4850
Maximum torque (N·m) 251/1500~4500
综合工况油(L/100km) 8.8
Max speed (km/h) 180
Transmission model  6DCT
Suspension system Dual-connecting rod independent
Steering system Electric power
Sunroof Power sunroof 
Four door widow Power windows
Hand clamping prevention
One key lift function with driver's widow
The widow with function of rising 
Front windshield Sound insulation&heat insulation,
Key Remote key
Key search funcation 
Rim Aluminium alloy rim
Outside rearview mirror Integrated side turning lamp
Rearview mirror heating
Rearview mirror electric folding
Rearview mirror electric folding
Rearview mirror with the function of automatic locking and folding 
Memory outside rearview mirror
Headlamp Xenon headlamps 
Follow me home function
Headlamp automatic induction function
Headlamp cleaning system (SRA)
Automatic following-up steering 
Height adjustable  Manual Automatic Automatic
Fog lamp Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
LED tail lamps
Daytime running lamps
High mounted stop lamp
Windscreen wiper Boneless wiper
Automatic induction wiper
Lamplight Luggage boot lamp
Front and rear reading lamps
Front and rear door lamps
Front and rear welcome pedal 
Main and co-pilot sun shield (with make-up mirror and light)
Steering wheel  真皮方向盘
Multifunction steering wheel
Up and down adjustment of steering wheel
Interior rearview mirror  Manual anti glare interior rearview mirror 
Electric anti glare interior rearview mirror 
Rear windshield Rear windshield defrost
Rear windshield electric sunshade
Sunshade curtain of back row
Cigarette lighter&vehicle power  Front cigarette lighter 
Rear cigarette lighter 
Rear 12V vehicle power 
Rear 220V vehicle power 
Rear armrest box USB power 
3Three ash pans(one in front and two in rear door)
Engine hood
Sound insulation pad of hood
Top handle Front top handle
Rear top handle 
Safety belt  Front pre-tightening limit type safety belt 
Rear side pre-tightening safety belt 
Rear middle three-point safety belt 
Reminding device of not-wearing safety belt 
SRS Driver/Co-driver airbag 
Front seats side airbags
Rear seats side airbags
Front head airbags
Rear head airbags
ATA Engine theft-proof system
Burglar alarm
Central door locking
With lateral anticollision beam door
Collision energy absorption type steering column
Crumple zone can cushion front and rear bumpers
Reversing system Front parking sensor(4)
Rear parking sensor(4)
Reversing video images
Parking system EPB
Steering system EPS
CCS-Cruise control system
Electirc open of tank cap in car 
Electirc open of tail door in car
A key to start system
Keyless entry
Air conditioning system Automatic air conditioning
Zona air conditioning system Dual-temperature zone Dual-temperature zone Three-temperature zone
Air conditioning integrated anion air purifying device
Audio device FM/AM radio function
CD Single CD
Harman brand sound system Six- loudspeaker Thirteen-loudspeaker Thirteen-loudspeaker
Instrument panel 7 "digital color screen
6G built-in memory
GPS Navigation System (With 3D art map)
Bluetooth phone
Voice recognition system
Tire Brand  Kumho Michelin Michelin
Spare tire size Full size Full size Full size