S3 is a new generation SUV for the new generation people. Small SUV with bigger space provides a different experience from others you see.
From 2013-2014, JAC with its the newest car models - S5 and J4 have conquered Top China Rallies - China Grand Rally, Mohe Snow-Ice Cross-Country Rally and China Rally Championship. More great contents, please click here....
On May 20th 2014, JAC Motors celebrated its 50 years' anniversary. 50 years ago, JAC Motors was founded in Shore of Chaohu Lake. In 1968, the first vehicle of Anhui Province was born in JAC Motors.
In 2014, JAC Motors cooperates with CCTV5 sports channel to produce two TV programs: "Who is the King of Football" and "Go Brazil Goal" for the global eye-catching.
JAC newest car model J4 officially launch into market. J4 is born to this changeable world, and fashionable sculpt, high-edge technology, and excellent performance make it to be young people's first choice.
After elaborately preparation, JAC passenger car five models new car officially launched onto Ukraine markets. Beautiful design, advanced car-manufacturing process and closely after service, JAC will bring you a new expe...