2018-09-28JAC SUVs exhibits in the 25th Cairo International Motor Show

On September 26, 2018, the 25th Cairo International Motor Show opened the curtain officially in Egypt's new capital international convention and exhibition center. There are more than 40 auto manufactures attended this auto show which is larger than before. JAC with its all SUV models took part in this auto show.

JAC officially launched its high-end SUV- S7 into the Egypt market in this auto show. And it also exhibited S3 and S2 to the public which attracts abundant of visits and media. The new S7 is a high-end SUV with cut-edge technologies, intelligent equipment and extraordinary driving experience, which has obtained high praise in domestic and overseas from media and users. The new generation S2 and S3 have also attracts a large number of media to evaluate.

In this auto show, JAC exhibited with a unified SUV family image. Rich SUV products portfolio, high-end and glorious booth and interesting activity attracted many customers to visit and made JAC booth to be the most attractive one.

Through local distributor and JAC’s efforts, by advanced technology, reliable quality and high-effective service, JAC has been won customers’ favor. S2 has become the dream car of young people in Egypt and S3 has become the first choose of family car. JAC distributor has made great efforts to promote JAC brand in Egypt. Thus, JAC’s brand has been upgraded and won more customers’ admiration and favor.

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