2018-08-23JAC Team Won the Championship T6 Became the Best Partner

On Aug.19th, the twelfth China, Mongolia and Russia (International) cross-country rally ended in a successful conclusion. After nearly 5,000 kilometers journey in the three countries of China, Mongolia and Russia, the two JAC T6 racing pick-ups have respectively won the third and fourth position after overcoming the difficulties, while JAC team won the champion among the mass production team.

The China, Mongolia and Russia (International) cross-country rally has been successfully held for eleven times, right now, it has become the leading rally brand in the north Asia area. The competition can actively promote the mutual communication and development in physical culture and tourist among China, Mongolia and Russia.

During the last half month competition, the two JAC T6 racing pick-ups have fully displayed its stability and controllability. In the mass production team, T6 racing pick-ups have maintained all the original spare parts except for the installment of the anti-roll safety seat.

“Before the competition, I have never expected that T6 is so durable, and it has been driven more than 5000 kilometers without any breakout.” JAC team leader said. He believed that T6 is suitable for the off road driving, besides, relied on its strong power and stable loading ability, T6 has safely passed grasslands, wet land, forest, Gobi deserts and water lands.

The shock-absorbing of leaf spring+ telescopic shock absorber + cushion has helped the drivers face the challenges of water lands in ease. Moreover, the reasonable match of front and rear suspension, and the integration of off-road performance and sedan comfort have created the comfortable driving environment for the drivers, effectively relieving the fatigue of the drivers.

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