2018-04-27The Maximum Endurance Mileage Reaches 500 KM JAC iEVA50 Released In Auto Beijing

On April 25th, JAC first compact electric vehicle whose endurance mileage has made the breakthrough of 500km-JAC iEVA50 was officially released into 2018 Auto Beijing. Based on the different demands of customers, iEVA50 has commercial version, family high performance version and family use long mileage version with the maximum endurance mileage ranging from 390-500km. As JAC first A-class new energy model, iEVA50 has integrated JAC innovative achievements in new energy areas and established differential quality with the advantages such as extra-long mileage, intelligent configurations, fashionable appearance and wide space.

International Leading Technologies Fully Guarantees the Transportation Security

JAC iEVA50 is equipped with several JAC independently researched leading technologies in new energy areas. Its battery liquid-cooled battery control technology has used the new generation liquid-cooled battery pack, which can not only effectively prevent the second short circuits, but also control the temperature of the battery pack between 10-35 degrees Celsius to ensure the battery pack realize cooling balances, greatly improving the battery life, so that JAC iEVA50 can be charged and driven even in the extra low temperature minus 30 degrees. Besides, iEVA50 has used five-layer security management design to form the timely pre-warning system, effectively eliminating the hidden dangers. Moreover, ten strict tests have been conducted in the battery pack, and the security has been guaranteed after needling, extruding, crushing and soaking water tests. iEVA50 has reached international ASIL C class security homologation through several security function development.

Maximum Endurance Mileage Ensures Green Transportation

JAC iEVA50 stood out in the vehicle performance, controllability and endurance mileage, 500km extra-long endurance mileage has provided the users with more convenient transportation. At the same time, equipped with the world's leading single-footstep driving energy recovery system, the contribution of the endurance mileage under the NEDC operating condition can reach 17%, which has provided technology guarantee for the battery activity and endurance ability. Besides, the maximum power of the motors equipped is 110kw, the peak torque is 330N.m, and the acceleration of 0-50km only needs 5s with the maximum speed ≥150km/h. To ensure the driving stability and the endurance mileage, JAC iEVA50 has used the forward development with five-star security design, its unique electric chassis structure has been contributed to the driving stability after German experts ‘adjustment.

The Upgrading of High-end Products Creates Intelligent Mobile Terminal

The application of several advanced technologies has made JAC iEVA50 become the highest technologically pure electric vehicles among the same class cars. In the intelligent interconnection, iEVA50 has the intelligent multimedia large screen, voice human-computer interaction, the mobile APP remote interconnection and digital intelligent display system; moreover, it can control the navigation through voice, help driver listen to radio stations, playing music, making calls, but also remote charge, automatically search the car, remote view the battery and vehicle real-time status. In addition, the comfortable configurations such as remote control the vehicle automatic air conditioning through the mobile, PEPS a key to enter / start, CCS, electronic parking and 360-degree panoramic camera have brought consumers with more comfortable and easy driving experiences.

As the pioneer in the new energy vehicles area in China, JAC has systematically mastered the three core technologies of battery, motor, and electronic control, as well as the key technologies such as energy recovery, driving and braking electric coupling, and remote monitoring, especially in the high-energy battery pack thermal runaway safety technology, JAC iEVA50 has made breakthroughs and have formed the product positive development capability for products with advanced international standards.

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