2018-04-18JAC Released Seven-seat MPV Positioning the Family-use Market

JAC first family-use MPV-R3 was officially released on JAC Brand Day Exhibition on April 16th. After 16 years development in MPV market, JAC has started its entry into the family use market. R3 has fully met the demands of big family use with the business class quality, which is expected to lead the family MPV market into 2.0 times.

Family-use MPV Market 2.0 Times R3 Welcomed the New Opportunities

As the growth of the two-kids family and the diversification of the users ‘demands, family-use MPV has set off a revolution, which has caused the fierce competition among MPV market. However, the low price and low quality products can’t match the demands of the customers ‘consumption upgrading. Under this background, the elegant family-use MPV has welcomed its new opportunities, thus the market has entered seven-seat family-use MPV 2.0 times.

As the recognized MPV manufacturing expert, JAC Refine MPV has 16 years business MPV experience, and 750,000 users accumulation. Till now, it has grown into the brand with the longest product line and most rich models among Chinese MPV. JAC R3 has highly integrated business class MPV quality and family use, besides, the leading business strength will also bring a thorough quality revolution to the family-use MPV market.

Of course, JAC knows the importance of love and security to the family members as a family-use MPV, so R3 invited the media to visit JAC before its official release, and challenged the crash test, NVH test, EMC test for the first time to completely demonstrate R3 three business class qualities.

Three Advantages Bring the Care like Reliable Man First Delivery Ceremony Proves The Quality

The core product idea of R3 is to ensure the reliable happiness of every family member, which has contributed R3 closer to the users ‘inside demands and become the Reliable Man of seven-seat family use market. The core ideas are summarized as business-class comfort, business-class security and business-class craft.

Business-class comfort seeks for the perfect combination of large space and personality, including the leading 4750*1835*1773mm car dimension, 2760mm wheelbase, the 6 seat/7 seat layout which has met the demands of big family use, moreover, sedan chassis design combined with the professional NVH mute control has contributed to the outstanding comfort of the complete vehicle. Business-class security not only means the 12 security configurations such as standardize TPMS, EPS system, the front/rear parking radar, BOS brakes optimization, but also means the leading security configuration such as 360° auto panoramic image system, all-round air bags. Business-class craft has reflected JAC advanced manufacturing craft and quality control ability which has attracted the cooperation from Volkswagen, NEXTV world famous automobile companies, as well as the high standard manufacturing process under the supports of world known suppliers ‘systems, and the international fashion design has created the over expectation exquisite appearance.

R3 has won the orders of many users during the period of its pre-sales, and the first batch cars have been delivered to the users all over China. As the deep progress of the new car official release, more family members can enjoy the business-class transportation experience from R3.

Keeping pace with the customers ‘demands, after the release of R3, JAC has shown its new strategy to the family-use market, and meanwhile further consolidated its leading strength in the MPV markets.

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