2017-11-17Mr.Anjin, the board chairman of JAC attended Volkswagen Group (China) Media communication

On November 16, 2017, Volkswagen Group (China) Media communication was held in Guangzhou with the theme of 'innovating future, leading driving' and the board chairman of JAC, Mr.An Jin attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

Firstly, Mr. An Jin expressed the gratitude for Volkswagen Group's invitation. He said;' we are so glad to attend this media communication as partnership. Volkswagen Group and JAC Group are going to cooperate in the field of new-energy vehicle on the basis of complementary advantages, jointly development and win-win cooperation and the highly consensus of electrified and intelligent world automobile industry, which has got the supports from China and Germany leaders and government.'

Mr.An Jin pointed that: 'the successful operation of Volkswagen& JAC Joint Venture Company will become an import support for Volkswagen Group building a leading advantage in the field of driving and also is an important power of JAC achieving structural adjustment and industrial transferring. The two companies will support each other and establish a close and mutually beneficial long-term grasp the historic opportunity of world and China automobile market.'

Mr. Jochem Heizmann, the CEO of Volkswagen Group (China) pointed;' Chinese market is leading the key breakthrough of global electric vehicle and Volkswagen Group (China) has in the cutting-edge of the development process of electrification. Now, we are hand in hand with our long-term partner-- Shanghai-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and our new partner- JAC-Volkswagen to jointly change the way of driving in the future. In the future, we are going to insist the goal of satisfying Chinese customers and our promise for Chinese market.'

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