2017-09-29JAC and Volkswagen to Build Excellent Cars Collaboratively

If you go into JAC passenger vehicle General Assembly Shop, you will find the automated assembly line with all sorts of machines running smoothly. JAC passenger vehicles' assembly workshops have realized intelligent production; right now, the new energy vehicles and traditional gasoline vehicles can be produced on the same production line. In the future, the first sedan from JAC & VOLKSWAGEN joint venture is expected to be produced right in this plant and launched into market in 2018.

As the provincial advanced manufacturing industry 'No.1 Project', every movement from the joint venture draws public attention..

'VOLKSWAGEN has sent its experts to work with JAC R&D team, and a group of more than 30 staffs are jointly designing and developing the first car of joint venture.' JAC Deputy Party Secretary Wang Dongsheng introduced. The new car will be produced on JAC platform and adopt higher standard put forward by VOLKSWAGEN. Moreover, it will be launched into market with a new brand.

'JAC VOLKSWAGEN joint venture has created a new way of setting up joint venture in China' auto industry. Instead of relying on one party, JAC and VW learn from each other and thus will form a stronger growth momentum', Wang Dongsheng said. As one of the first enterprises to be engaged in the R&D, manufacture and promotion of new energy automobiles, JAC has already mastered core technology after ten-year and seven-generation overlapping development with the accumulative application of 46,000 unites and the accumulative mileage of more than 620 million kilometers. The continuous overlapping development and upgrading technology not only meet the needs of consumers, but also accumulate a mass of valuable basic data. Take electronic control as an example, the already-tested controller hardware and the 450 thousands code lines software is a product of mass data analysis and accumulation, which is also our core competitive edge.

Volkswagen is a world-famous auto brand, also the fastest growing international automobile industry giants in recent years, whose technology, manufacturing technique standards and brand influence have reached the world-leading high level. This is what JAC regards as the most important.

At present, Volkswagen is organizing its experts to make the technology assessment for the first model developed by the joint venture to identify improvement points, and the both sides have organized a group of outstanding experts to strive for the technological breakthrough.The products will go though acceptance check made by Volkswagen joint test team.

'The working group has carried out all-round cooperation from market research, product design, experimental verification and cost control.' Ma Gangliang, the general manager assistant of JAC Passenger Car Manufacturing Company,said, 'There is a total of 13 development processes from the product development design process, and now we have completed 6 processes. At the end of September we will enter the 8th process to start the small batch design.'

According to Ma Gangliang, the technical experts of Volkswagen have made comprehensive tease of the manufacturing and quality management processes, after three rounds of production line inspection, all the identified problems have been improved. Moreover, all the off-line vehicles need to pass onsite examination instead of the former selected examination. Thus, the first new vehicle developed by joint venture will be manufactured according to higher quality standards, which will be more reliable, trustful excellent vehicle out of questions. 'During the cooperation, JAC technology research strength, manufacturing process and quality standard system have been greatly improved. 'He said.

JAC Volkswagen joint venture will create the new platform of integration and common development. In June, 2016, Volkswagen CEO said, when he visited JAC Motors:'JAC has done a great job in the aspect of low cost and high efficiency, the future cooperation will be a continuous communication and learning process, and not only in the pure electric vehicles'area, but also in the intelligent cars, interconnected cars and autonomous vehicles.'

'JAC Volkswagen cooperation will be directed by innovation. We will promote self-innovation in the open development, use innovation to motivate new momentum and realize new development.' Wang Dongsheng introduced. The first step for the Joint venture to realize innovation is to jointly create a new brand, on the basis of new energy vehicles, both parts will create a completely new and internationalized brand, meanwhile, they will gradually establish independent, complete and world -class research system and technology innovation capability system through both parts' technologies and innovative products. Besides, in the market exploration, both parts will jointly establish new channels, set up new business models and accelerate the new energy vehicles application. Moreover, the joint venture will expand new business area and make win-win achievements around the fields of mobile transportation, vehicles interconnection, big data, second-hand trading platform and other industrial transformation.

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