2017-09-21JAC Light-duty Trucks Show in Russian International Commercial Auto Show

From 4th-9th September 2017, Russian International Commercial Auto Show-COMTRANS was held grandly in Russian International Exhibition Center. It's the most authoritative and famous exhibition, which attracts a large number of brands including Russia local brands such as Kamaz, GAZ, Europe brands such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benzes, Scania, Man, Ford, and Asia brands such as JAC, FAW, Foton, Hion, Hyundai, Isuzu and so on.

In the auto show, JAC Russia Subsidiary Corporation exhibited four models including three N-series high-end duty trucks and one high-end light duty mini truck.

N-series light-duty trucks were modified to refrigerator truck, van vehicle and European tent truck. Recently years, by virtue of excellent, stable and reliable chassis with high-quality body, JAC N-series products have received more and more customers'affirmation and admiration. And JAC mini truck has created a great sensation in media and customers once it appeared. Now, the segment market of mini truck in Russia is relatively blank, so customers have great interest in X200 and welcome it enter into Russia.

JAC has a very good performance in this auto show, no matter the customers flow volume, customer feedback effect and media report. In the first day of auto show, the customers flow volume broke through 300 and received 40 customers'inquiry.

Russia is one of the most important overseas strategic markets. Since 2014, Russia commercial vehicle market has been in recession because of Europe and the United States'sanctions. Some auto brands even were forced to withdraw from Russia. However, JAC has always adhered to company strategy to promote JAC's products and adopted a series of active marketing measures and achieved some breakthrough in such a difficult situation.

By virtue of leading technology, excellent quality and high-effective service, JAC has accomplished this year’s sales target and anticipated to increase 300% sales volume compared with last year.

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