2017-07-19JAC passenger cars have been sold 1170 units in Peru during the first half year, up by 83% year-on-year

In June 2017, the sales volume of JAC passenger reached 233 units, up by 116% year-on-year; From January to June, the cumulative sales volume of JAC passenger car have reached 1170 units, up by 83% year-on-year, creating the highest sales record of JAC in Peru.

The breakthrough of JAC in Peru was not only from new products such as S2, S3, S5 and Sunray launching but also benefited from abundant of improving works of JAC in Pure such as salesman training, service personnel training, terminal market promotion and promotional activities, which greatly enhanced terminal customer satisfaction and built better brand image.

In the next half year of 2017, JAC will continue to develop Peru market and bring more new products to customers.

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