2017-05-25Seize 'The Belt and the Road'Development Opportunities JAC Accelerates Its Step into Argentina Market

Recently, Argentina president Mauricio Macri has met JAC delegation which was led by JAC vice general manager, JAC International general manager She Cairong in Beijing, China. Both Parts have exchanged ideas about the strategy of JAC entering Argentina market, and have reached a preliminary consensus.

Argentina is the third economics in Latin America. Since China and Argentina diplomatic relationship was established, the two countries have carried out active exchange and cooperation, which have created sound environment and opportunity for the Argentina market. During the meeting, She Cairong have introduced to Macri JAC strength, overseas performance as well as the development planning in South America market and Argentina. President Macri showed keen interest on JAC rapid growth these years and rich products portfolio.

President Macri expressed that Argentina government will correspond to the belt and the road strategy and provide relevant supports and help for JAC entering Argentina market. It can be believed that under the assistance of the belt and the road, JAC will accelerate its breakthrough and development in Argentina market.

Latin America is JAC key region in the global market, after these years'deep exploration, 'JAC' has become a well-known brand in the local market. As is known to all, Argentina automobile market has large market potentials with sever competition, which is JAC strategic market in Latin America. In order to ensure the smooth entry into the market, JAC has made systematic planning and layout, right now it has made adequate preparation for the final entry.

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