2017-04-18JAC International Distributors Annual Conference 2017 was held grandly in Suzhou

On April 17th, JAC International Distributors Annual Conference 2017 was opened the curtain in Suzhou with the theme of ‘Brand Upgrading, Future Sharing’, welcoming more than 200 distributor representatives to attend this conference.

Counselor of Algeria Embassy in China Li Dahne Perth, Counselor of Mexico Consulate General in Shanghai Alejandro Sales, commercial commissioner of Cuba Embassy in China Alejandro Pyrrha, the representative of Arabia National Union Representative Office in China Mohammed Safi and Former ambassador of China in Cuba Zhang Tuo were invited to attend this conference.

Mr. An Jin, the board chairman of JAC made the keynote speech; Mr. Xiang Xingchu, the general manager of JAC delivered the main speech and Mr. Se Cairong, the vice general manager of JAC & the general manger of JAC International gave the report.

Mr. An Jin made the keynote speech

Firstly, Mr. An Jin on behalf of JAC expressed the warmly welcome and sincere gratitude to JAC international cooperators and shared with them about domestic and overseas business environment and JAC’s developing strategy and global auto industry developing trendency.

Mr. An Jin pointed that in 2016, the development has been slowing down in both world economy and international trading, all types of risks are assembling, and Chinese auto companies are facing more fierce competition.

Nevertheless, Chinese auto industry melting into the global market is the tendency in the developing of global auto industry which will further be accelerated with the strategic opportunities of “made in China 2025” and “the belt and road initiatives”. JAC, as a brand from China, is supposed to have bigger moves. JAC shall review the current policies on the basis of the future developing trend, consider about the relationship between Chinese market and international market within the global competition pattern, and systematically build the core competitiveness for long-term development.

Mr. An Jin emphasized that a strong auto brand not only qualified the ability of occupying domestic market as well as foreign markets.

Internationalized market means further expanding the open and collaboration, along with the tendency, seizing the grand opportunities of external joint venture and co-operation; getting involved in competitions both at home and abroad utilizing resourced both at home and abroad.
Being a significant part in company’s overall strategy, JAC will strengthen resources allocation and ability building, comply with the rules and requests of the industry developing, label our brand deeply all over the world which is also our international mission. JAC are absorbing and integrating the worldwide resources with a higher and further view to make vehicles for the world. JAC needs to take stable, practical and grounded steps for a longer journey, and finally unto the middle-high stage.

At last but not least, the board chairman of JAC Mr. An Jin called up all JAC partners to catch up with JAC’s pace through consecutive input, business pattern upgrading and re-forming, healthy business structure and career developing spirit to fulfill our strategy goals.

Mr. Xiang Xingchu delivered the main speech

International business is the core business of JAC which bears the important mission of scale, revenue and brand upgrading. In 2016, JAC strongly promoted the product and market structure optimization, further increasing the scale profit contribution to the company and international business development transforming from “single export transaction” to “overseas localized operation”

2017 is being the crucial year toward the strategic targets during which the international political and economy situation will surely become more complex. JAC international business should adhere to brand upgrading and strategy position, consolidate the basis of technology, quality, service and channel, build up the competitive edge of international business, assist the business step up to the middle-high level, and fully accelerate the further fast and healthy development of international business.

Mr. Se Cairong, the vice general manager gave the report

In 2016, facing with many adverse situation of the overall international political turmoil and global economy slowdown, the dollar shortage causes disturbance to many countries and Chinese exports decrease, JAC actively pushed the product and market structure optimization. JAC exported all kinds of vehicles 57,000 units and exports ranked the fifth position, coving 8.1% market share. Among them, the exports of light-duty truck was 16000 units, in the leading position of high-end market; the exports of heavy-duty truck was 3100 units, ranked the fourth position; and the exports of passenger car was 38000 units, ranked the third position.

In 2017, the world economy has met profound adjustment with a slow increase speed. However, the national strategy of “The Belt and Road Initiative” has brought new impetus to international markets. JAC should accelerate the launching of new products, deepen the structure optimization of product, and promote brand upgrading.

JAC also commended excellent distributors’ team and person in 2016 international business, including 11 prizes and 33 teams.

Special Contribution Award

Global Best Distributor Award

Excellent Brand Building Award

Excellent New Product Promotion Award

Excellent Group Users Development Award

Excellent After-service Award

Best Overseas Plant Award

Sales Star

Brand Star

Service Star

Spare Parts Star

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