2017-02-16Cooperation between China and Kazakhstan, Make Dreams Come True

Nazarbayev, president of Kazakhstan made a special trip to inspect the city; moreover, during the third meeting of China and Kazakhstan prime ministers, this city has become their key topics. All these is because JAC Kazakhstan KD plant which is the harvest of China and Kazakhstan capacity and investment cooperation under the construction of the belt and road initiatives lies in Kostanay.

Science Layout
Kostanay has few populations, but it is the real auto city, the automobiles produced here have occupied half of the country’s automobiles. We have visited JAC Kostanay plant and in the workshop, all the spare parts and complete vehicles were placed in order, and the workers were working in full swing.

To response the belt and road initiatives, JAC insisted on accelerating “Going Out” steps, when talking about the process of handing with its Kazakhstan distributor, JAC Russian Sales Director expressed that there are 4000,000 units of holding quantities in Kazakhstan, and as the import restriction of the second-hand vehicles are gradually tightened, there will be great potentialities in the new vehicles market. Besides, there are free customs union among Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan,according to the agreement, the automobiles produced in the local market have the privilege to enter the rest allies with no customs tariff. It means, opening the Kazakhstan market equals to opening Russia and Belarus markets.

“JAC has seen the huge business opportunities and then decided to establish relationship with Kazakhstan local automobile companies, and finally signed the products assembly agreement.” JAC Russian Sales Director said. By the end of 2015, JAC first batch products were off the line in the Kazakhstan plant and launched into the market, moreover, JAC products sales have entered top 15 in the automobile sales ranking in the first launching year. In 2016, JAC S3 was honored as Kazakhstan “People Brand” and it is the only automobile brand that received the award.

High Attention from the National Leaders

Since the moment of signing the agreement, the project has received high attention from the two countries’ leaders.

President Nazarbayev test drove IEV 6S which was the first pure electric vehicle produced in Kazakhstan and spoke highly of the vehicles’ performance, besides, in 2016, Premier Masimov also visited the KD plant and test drove the vehicle.

Furthermore, in November 2016, China and Kazakhstan leaders together attended the unveiling ceremony of JAC KD plant in Kostanay, witnessing the achievements of China and Kazakhstan capacity and investment cooperation.

Under the care of the two countries’ leaders, JAC project in Kazakhstan is the only automobile industry project among the 32 industry revitalization projects, and it is believed that under the support of two countries’ government, this project will become the model of China and Kazakhstan capacity and investment cooperation.

Rapid Development Reliable Products Win Favors

In 2016, the sales of JAC products produced in Kazakhstan have increased by more than 500%.How did JAC make it in such short time?

One of the customers who bought JAC S3 in 2015 said safe, comforts and advanced configuration are the main reason why she chose this vehicle; another customer who bought S3 in 2016 said the vehicle’s excellent performance in the city or in the field have attracted him.
Remarkable vehicle using experience has intimate relationship with the products quality. ”JAC has brought in the most reliable products to the market, besides, when choosing the vehicles launched into the market, we also considered the local using environment, such as highly cold, highly hot and the drivers are tall,etc.”JAC Russian area customers’ service manager said.

In the future, JAC will bring its more and more best and mature products to Kazakhstan market.

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