2017-02-16JAC S3-CVT model obtain the export certification of Chile

On 26th November 2017, JAC obtained S3-CVT model authentication certificate from Chile 3CV certification authority, which means JAC S3-CVT getting the export qualification to Chile successfully. It is also the JAC first CVT mode that got Chile certification, which will play an important role of JAC cars in Chile.

Chile certification includes completed vehicle inspection and Euro V stage I emission test which is certificated by Chile auto control and certification center (3CV). The test is very strictly and the actual performance of vehicle should highly consistent with product’s technical parameters. And the emission test carried out twice according to ECE R83 Euro V stage requirement and within the limited number each time. By virtue of strict technology control and emission standard, JAC S3-CVT passed the test successfully.

S3 owns beautiful appearance as well as excellent performance such as ESP, HAS, CCS, automatic air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring function, multifunction steering wheel, ISOfix and so on. And the second generation S3 is not inherited fine tradition but also inputted some latest fashion design which makes S3 has been greatly improved. In terms of intelligent equipment, the second generation S3 is added the intelligent voice interaction system, GPS/dual mode navigation and positioning system, 7 inch color capacitance screen, rear view camera, GSI and other intelligent equipment which makes our diving easily and quickly.

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