2016-11-16Smart Ten Years The 10th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony of JAC Japan Design Center was Grandly Held

On November 5th Japan time, the 10th anniversary celebration of JAC Japan design center was grandly held in Tokyo. People's Republic of China's ambassador to Japan embassy minister counselor-Ruan Xiangping, President of the association of Chinese enterprises in Japan,as well as president of the association of Japanese Chinese Enterprises Association -Peng Bugang is present for celebration. JAC chairman An Jin, JAC General Manager Xiang Xingchu, JAC Vice General Manager Yan Gang, JAC Vice Chief Engineer and JAC Vice Chief Economic Manager Li Jianhua also attended the ceremony.

JAC Japan design center was founded on November 5th 2006, which is JAC second overseas design center. After ten years’ efforts, JAC-Japan design center scale has changed from small to big, and the capability has grown up from weak to strong, besides, it has formed the complete product development system, becoming an important part of JAC five-level Research & Development system.

JAC Chairman An Jin said, the ten years JAC Japan center grown up is also the years JAC realize stable development and complete progress. As the comprehensive automobile enterprise with both advanced energy saving vehicles and new energy vehicles, JAC is pursuing to produce the “Energy Saving, Environment Protection, Safety and Intelligent ”products for the global customers. JAC will continue to strengthen the foreign cooperation and integrate global resources, strive to push the products to medium and high-end level, and move forward towards the objective of becoming the million level comprehensive automobile group company.

JAC General Manager Xiang Xingchu expressed, after a decade development, JAC Japan design center today is not only the bridge between China and Japan cooperation, but also the foremost position of products’ design and technology research. The achievements JAC made since JAC Japan design center was founded is the reflection of JAC practicing the concept of “Integrate global resources to build the world car”, moreover, it has made great contribution for JAC growing up from a local automobile enterprise to the international level comprehensive automobile enterprise.

During the ceremony, JAC Japan design center chief designer Fred explained JAC Japan design center design philosophy in detail. JAC Vice General Manager Yan Gang presented Fred “JAC Products Design Outstanding Contribution Award “ to honor the new idea and excellent design he has brought to the design center.

Currently, JAC Japan Design Center is completely capable to independently design new models for JAC headquarter, and has brought in overseas hi-tech talents for the headquarter. Besides, JAC Italy Design Center is the world sixth automobile design constitution with world top level independent design and research capability.

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