2016-11-04New product, new technology, new energy – JAC show in 2016 China (Macau) International


November 4-6, 2016, 2016 China (Macau) International Automobile Exposition has officially opened its curtain in Macao Venetian gold convention and exhibition center. JAC with its new energy vehicle, light commercial vehicle, pickup, SUV, MPV attended this auto show. As the theme of 'New product, new technology, new energy', JAC has showed its high-effective, environmental-friendly and intelligent technology to the public.

The star of the logistics- the new energy light-duty truck I5

With the development of energy-saving, green and environmental-friendly society, the new energy vehicles have become the focus of 2016 China (Macau) Auto Show. This time, JAC with its new energy light-duty i5 show its innovation and breakthrough in the field of new energy. Through four generation upgrade, JAC pure –electric vehicle has covered 60% market shares of private electric vehicle. Integrated with JAC light-duty truck and pure-electric vehicle R&D platform and advantage resources, i5 adopted the lithium iron phosphate battery which has the advantages of superior security, longer working life, high performance, bigger capacity and lighter weight; equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, i5 electric light-duty truck's maximum torque can be up to 120 kw, the maximum speed can be up to 90km/h and the 0-50km/h acceleration time less than 10s. And the 14 cubic meters lightweight cargo van can satisfy the regional urban logistics distribution.

JAC light-duty truck has maintained top 1 exports brand for many years. And as the representative of JAC commercial light-duty truck, JAC N-series has also become the star model of this auto show. It is created for high-effective logistics and inhered with JAC professional and humanization design. Adopted the sedan-like design concept to enhance the comfort of driving; in the terms of safety, as the first light –duty truck model passed the crash test, JAC N-series truck uses international the newest ABS+EBD to bring higher protection. This time, JAC with its right hand light truck which is especially designed for many international markets including Macau, making global customers to feel JAC power and speed.

As the professional short logistic vehicle, JAC mini truck X200 is integrated the comfort of sedan and loading of light-duty truck. It is adopted the new design concept of big front wheel and small rear wheel, which can effectively enhance the convenience of loading and unloading cargo and strength the timeliness of transportation. By virtue of its effective transportation , comfortable driving and powerful loading capacity, JAC X200 has won the admiration from logistic companies.

JAC pickup Frison is another hot-selling model for its multifunction of commercial and passenger, business and family using. Now, the new four-drive model is equipped with JAC Green Jet 2.0 diesel engine and applied the electric control four-wheel drive technology, which can easily deal with all kinds of serious road conditions.

The' new star' and 'super star' of JAC products – beyond the expectation of customers

In this auto show, JAC compacted SUV S3 and the newest launched MPV-M4 are both the super star of this auto show.

Through two years, JAC S3 has obtained the approval of 360,000 customers and become the sales legend of compacted SUV. Now, JAC has launched the third generation S3,which has made many detailed technology upgrade such as keyless entry, push-to-start, 8 inch center-control color suspended screen, intelligent voice, front&rear ultrasonic reversing radar and 360°panoramic image.As one of Chinese MPV market leaders, JAC MPV has undergone 15 years development history and honored as 'MPV professional manufacturer'. On the basis of traditional advantages of bigger spacious and reliable quality, M4 has more intelligent operation and comfortable driving to create a new era of business trip. It is equipped with 2.0LVVT engine, 1.5GDI transmission and Hyboost 48V power that can satisfy the business travel.

The technology star first time appearance in this auto show

JAC first time showed its core power train in Macau show which display the determination of JAC-technology drive the future. 1.5TGDI engine realizes the perfect combination of GDI+ Inter-cooled turbocharged+DVVT three technologies. This engine power can reach 128KW,torque can reach 251N.m, the maximum oil-saving can reach 20%, and CO2 emission could reduce 15%-20%. It's a low oil-consumption, low emission, high power output outstanding performance 'Green Power' engine which is created by global the newest technology platform.

Macau auto show is a very import window of Chinese auto manufactures connecting with global market. By virtue of this platform, JAC will export more international markets. Now, JAC has exported to more than 130 countries and owned Vietnam and Kenya two overseas joint- venture companies, hundreds of overseas 4s shops and 18 overseas KD plants. 'JAC will continue to attend international auto shows to display its new innovation and breakthroughs and using the new product, new technology and new energy to speed the exploration of overseas market' said by JAC relevant responsible director.

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