2016-11-01Leading Light-duty Green Logistic Times JAC Electric Light-duty Truck i5 Staged Its Appearance in Eco Expo Asia 2016

On October 26th, Eco Expo Asia 2016 kicked off at the Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong. As the city logistic expert,JAC brought its electric light-duty truck i5 to the expo,showcasing its breakthroughs in the new energy logistic vehicles to Hong Kong area and other Southeast Asia areas, which has demonstrated its decision and confidence of leading green logistic times in the global markets.

'JAC pure electric light-duty truck is the new achievements and new breakthrough JAC made by actively exploring the combination of logistic industry and new energy technology, fully meeting the urgent demands for green light-duty trucks from municipal administration, environmental sanitation and short-distance logistics.'JAC light-duty trucks i5 relevant responsible person said.

Outstanding Research Gave Birth to i5

Currently, JAC new energy products research has been many automobile enterprises'core development strategy in the green times. As the independent automobile brand with the leading technology driving the market, JAC has formed its competitive technology and market edge in the light-duty trucks and new energy areas.JAC light-duty truck is the largest light-duty brand in the high and medium light-duty truck markets and kept its leading position in Chinese light-duty truck exporting for many years, while four generation of JAC pure electric vehicles have been researched, covering above 60% private electric vehicles' market. Based on the No.1 resources support of the industry, JAC pure electric vehicles have the better research base.

i5 have integrated JAC top two research platforms of light-duty trucks and pure electric vehicles .Using the lithium iron phosphate battery, JAC i5 has better security performance, longer lifetime, higher capacity, lighter weight and environmental protection. Matched with permanent magnet synchronous motor, i5 peak torque can reach 120KW with the highest speed of 90km/h and the acceleration time of 0-50km/h can be less than 10s, besides i5 has used light weight cargo with the capacity of 14 square meters, meeting the demands of city logistic branch dispatching.

Aiming at ASEAN window Knocking the ASEAN Market Green Logistic Door

Positioning as high end market, Hong Kong market is always popular by the international automobile manufacturers. JAC firstly appeared in Hong Kong market from 2013 with the high end light-duty trucks, within short three years, JAC has won the favors and trust of many Hong Kong customers, and in 2015, JAC was honored as 'The 7th Hong Kong Annual Automobile-The Best Value Beyond Truck'which was hosted by the local most authoritative automobile magazine 'CAZ BUYER', moreover, JAC received 45 units of orders from car rental company with excellent products. Authoritative media recognition and fleet customers trust have given JAC enough determination to move forward in Hong Kong market.

The showcasing of i5 in Eco Expo Asia 2016 is JAC new action to further explore Hong Kong market and bring green environmental friendly conception to Hong Kong customers, as well as one of the important steps to open the ASEAN market such as Malaysia, Philippine green environmental friendly logistic door. JAC will continue to lead green logistic times with technology, and step by step towards world light-duty trucks leading brand.

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