2016-09-27S5ⅡPasses Through 2500 kilometers Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Recently, “Climb Sky Road, Reach New Heights” quality challenging activity which was jointly held by JAC and Lopal company was concluded in Lhasa. Eleven S5Ⅱacted as the main force, and successfully conquered the 2500 kilometers Tibet plateau. Facing extremely challenges, S5 has demonstrated outstanding power performance and complicated road adaptability, showing the charming of Chinese brands.

The quality challenging activity based on the harsh natural condition is the quality witness activity held by Lopal lubricants, and this is the third consecutive session. Different from before, the “Climb Sky Road” activity this year has been joined by JAC as the joint sponsor, and this time it still chose the most harsh and most difficult Sichuan-Tibet Highway as the quality test roads.

The motorcade was composed of 30 people by media and drivers, driving 11 S5Ⅱ for nine days from Chengdu to Lhasa which has the altitude of 3650 meters, completing the challenging of “The most dangerous highway in China”. During the 2500 kilometers, the motorcade has crossed
twelve saddle backs with the complicated road condition full of cliffs, bumpy roads and muddy roads, but fortunately, there were no even worse condition such as mud slides, landslides.

However, because of the altitude and clouds, the strong ultraviolet light and changeable weather condition of Tibet-Sichuan highway become the obstacles for the vehicles’ performance and drivers’ skills. The successful challenges of JAC completing 2500 kilometers Sichuan-Tibet highway has proved Chinese brand quality.

Facing the double tests of plateau and adverse condition, JAC S5 Ⅱ has demonstrated excellent quality and stable performance, which has played an important role in the success of the this challenge. The driver who has participated in the this activity expressed :”There are great differences between day and night, and the road condition is adverse, but S5 performance is stable with great climbing capacity and pit capacity, which has impressed me most.”

As the climbing sky road star, S5Ⅱ is equipped with 1.5TGDI_6DCT white gold power combination developed by JAC itself.

Among which, 1.5TGDI engine has integrated with direct injection, turbo charging and DVVT, and has brought the excellent performance of low speed and high torque, high speed and high power, while the transmission efficiency of 6DCT transmission has reached 96%. Their perfect match has guaranteed the output of high efficient power, and the highest power/torque has reached 128Kw/251N.m, providing sufficient power for the driver passing circling mountain road and large angle paving.

S5Ⅱ has used JAC five star chassis, guaranteeing great road holding and the complete vehicles’ performance stability, and its 210mm extra high clearance has contributed the vehicle’s outstanding passing ability, making it easily pass the pit and wading road condition in the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, meanwhile, the intelligent security equipment such as ESC,TCS,TPMS,BA have ensured the safety complete of this challenge.

Nine days, 2500 kilometers Sichuan-Tibete highway challenge has improved the product strength of S5, and further winning the recognition of the customers.

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