2016-06-20JAC Celebrates Ramadan, Awards Lucky Fans Exclusive Prizes
In celebration of the sacred month of Ramadan, JAC is giving their fans in the Muslim world a chance to win exclusive JAC merchandise. The ‘Show us your Ramadan’ contest is currently taking place on JAC’s Facebook page, and three lucky winners will be awarded prizes at the end of June. Fans simply need to share a photo of their favouritefavorite thing about Ramadan in a comment below the contest post, for a chance to win.

Show us your Ramadan
Ramadan is a time of family and charity, and JAC wishes to share these experiences with their fans in the Muslim world. Along with the ‘Show us your Ramadan’ contest, JAC will continue to post Ramadan themed content on their Facebook page throughout the religious period. Another common feature of Ramadan is friends and family coming together after sunset to eat and celebrate the breaking of the fast. JAC will publish a number of posts reflecting the celebration element of Ramadan and give fans a chance to share their experiences with the JAC Facebook community.

JAC Contests
‘Show us your Ramdan’ is JAC’s second Facebook photo contest. From May 6 - 31 they successfully ran a contest in which fans had to share selfies of themselves with their JAC vehicles. This was particularly popular, with nearly 120 fans commenting and over 30 submitting their selfies. 10 fans won limited addition JAC merchandise, including a mini model S2 and a cool bluetooth watch. The contest was run in nearly 30 countries worldwide, in English, Portuguese, Arabic and French languages.

How to take part
Fans can take part in the ‘Show us your Ramadan’ contest on JAC’s Facebook page:

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