2016-06-13JAC with J4 and S2 together to Challenge 2016 China Rally Championship

On 3rd June 2016, the departure ceremony of JAC rally team challenge 2016 China Rally Championship was held in JAC R&D Center square. This year, JAC S2 will be fighting alongside J4 to bring the trophy home. Previously, JAC had been champion for two consecutive years of S2 TEAM. Let’s expect this year’s fierce contest.

The team of Champion sets off again

Since 2014, JAC rally team has created many new records of CRC constantly. In 2014, it won the champion of S2 team with a wonderful result of six champions in six rounds, to be a dark horse in the competition. This honor was not only the proud of JAC but also a history record of independent brand automobile wining the champion of its first time participation. In 2015, JAC won championship for 2 years in a row with advanced records and broke CRC 18 years history with the excellent result of ‘9 consecutive years’.

In 2016, this is the third year of JAC challenging CRC. Now, JAC S2 (SUV) has joined in the competition with red& white cover, and its chassis, speed and steering have a wonderful reputation. The racing driver Mr. Jiang Zhiyang and Mr. Yuan Haoxian said confidently: ‘the racing vehicle is better than our expectation, and the chassis is very stable and operation is very smart, we have confidence to this competition. ’

High quality conquers the extreme competition

According to the introduce of China Automobile Industry Union, there are sandstone, asphalt, cement and ice and snow road surfaces and other complicated terrain, which is the big challenge for racing vehicles and drivers. And outstanding driver’s’ skill and excellent products’ quality are the two weapons of JAC winning the championship.

Participating three times CRC, JAC not only could show its brand strengthen but also put its attention to products’ improvement. It helps JAC to accumulate a large number of technical data and experience so as to enhance JAC passenger cars’ competitiveness. Meanwhile, taking part in professional rally racing is an important channel of JAC communicating with young customers. Through the racing’s fast and furious, JAC will establish a youthful and vitality image and build the customers’ trust to JAC products’ quality and strengthen the understand and recognition of customers to JAC younger brand culture connotation. Showing the products’ quality and performance, collecting effective technology dates for products improvement and deeply interactive with customers are three value of JAC taking part in CRC constantly.

This first round competition will start in Henan on June 10 2016. Let’s hope the splendid performance of JAC racing team together.

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