2016-05-27One Car Three Uses JAC Frison Pick-up is Beyond Customers'Value

In order to meet the customers'diversified and individual demands to pick-up, the automobile companies have racked their brains, however, to meet the demands of customers is the first step of JAC, to surpass the customers'value is the final target.

No matter the research, manufacturing or the sales, JAC Frison pick-up adhere to customers-oriented, and listen to the voice from the market from the bottom heart. At the beginning of the design, JAC considered to meet the customers'basic demands to pick-up, and meanwhile fully enhanced customers'value expectation to the commercial use, family use and recreation use with high quality products, high technology and rich configurations.

Commercial use: Beyond the users'economic value expectation

To the furniture materials, and logistics industry users, pick-up is their main economic returns tool, so the freight loading ability is the criteria the users consider when measuring the pick-up practicability and the size of the container also become one of the most important purchasing factors.

Frison got the customers'value, and its 1520×1520×470mm container size is also larger than the other same-class pick-up. That's why in the daily business use, such as loading the equipment or furniture materials, Frison is more efficient, which also means more economic benefits.

Of course, what is beyond customers'expectation is not only the loading ability, but also the decrease of the fuel consumption. Frison has used high strength steel plate, combined with the light weight design of the vehicle body, which can reduce the fuel consumption of 3%, meanwhile, based on JAC Navistar high efficient power, Bosch high pressure common rail system and variable turbocharger, Frison pick-up's fuel consumption is only 7.8L. Moreover, Equipped with 6MT,Frison is more fuel efficient than the vehicles with 5MT.

Family use: Beyond users'function value expection

Right now, sedan style has become the new development trend of world pick-up, especially the high-end pick-up. With spacious interior room, high comfort ability and rich active and passive safety configuration, Frison completely meet and exceed the users'family function expectation.

In the interior, Frison seat has used upper leather with ergonomic principles, it is more comfortable.

In the driving space, 5315×1830×1815mm exterior size is also larger than many other same class pick-up in China, thus the interior space is enough to carry the whole family members, besides, JAC is the first independent brand to use NVH original design, Frison has used a lot of noise absorbing materials, greatly reducing machine noise, tire noise and wind noise and creating the private quiet space for every family.

What is more, relying on JAC more than 50 years professional chassis manufacturing and adjustment experience, and the technology match of Unequal length double cross arm coil spring front suspension and three rear shock absorber, Frison has guaranteed the comfort ability of the vehicles.

For the family use, what emphasized most is the security. Except for the high strength plate steel,Frison is also equipped with engine anti-theft system, Bosch 9.0 ABS+EBD, 319mm extra-large brake disc, main and co-driver airbags, pretention seat belt and pedestrian protection design, protecting the family members from all aspects during the whole journey.

Recreation use: Beyond users'emotional value expectation

Spiritual pursuit should go after material pursuit. If we take pick-up as the simple loading tool, which is on the stage of material satisfaction, then Frison is a pick-up meeting your demands of spiritual pursuit, because it can bring the users with more emotional satisfaction, such as, off-road, modification, or self-driving with your family.

Talking about the emotional value expectation, we need to mention Frison heart-engine. The engine of Frison is the product jointly developed by JAC and America Navistar with 88km/3600rpm peak power and 250Nm/1800-2800rpm maximum torque, fully meeting the demands of users recreation.

6MT matched with the engine can more easily stimulate the engine peak power and higher speed when running the high way compared with 5MT, besides, with 200mm minimum ground clearance, Frison can cross the diverse road condition such as small mountains, wet gravel, and mud at ease.

To the pick-up modification young lovers, whether the car has suitable modification spare parts has become one of the most important purchasing factors no matter the car will be modified to a SUV or RV(recreational vehicles). Frison is rich in the modification spare parts covering luggage rack, rear row, front bar, flat top box, and it means for the pick-up lovers who has cross country dream will not stop at the vision.

From the users'demands and beyond the users'value, Frison creates high quality with professionalism to bring full value satisfaction to users by one car with three uses.

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