2016-05-23Celebrating the 52th anniversary of JAC- the Engine theme sculpture is completed

In the morning of May 19th, the engine theme sculpture unveiling ceremony was held in the square of JAC engine company for celebrating the 52th anniversary of JAC Motors. The group leaders and relevant designer, tester and producer attended the ceremony together.

In the spot of unveiling ceremony, the board chairman Mr. An Jin, the general manager Mr. Xiang XInchu and the representative of 4GA1 engine designers were unveiled the engine theme sculpture together.

This year’s engine theme sculpture is modeled on scene of the first No. HFC4GA1—430000001 engine off-line on July 8th 2004. This sculpture reappeared the moment of the engine off-line after going through various difficulties.

4GA1 engine is the first generation domestic gasoline engine which was researched by JAC independently. This birth made JAC get rid of the bound of totally dependent on imported engines and laid a solid foundation for JAC passenger car business. It’s an import support for commercial vehicle and passenger car as well as an essential turning point in process of its development.

Now, through more than 10 years’ independent innovation and development, JAC has established six platforms products such as 4GA、4GB、4GC、4DA、4DB、4DE and found three manufacture factories which owns 700,000 units producing capacity annually. And JAC – Navistar Company and JAC- Chaoyang Diesel Engine Company have been established one by one which can satisfy the engine demand of commercial vehicles.

After the successful R&D 4GA1 gasoline engine, JAC engine R&D level has been pushed to a higher step. Independently R&D 7 different fuels and displacement engines such as 2.0T gasoline engine, 1.3VVT gasoline engine, 1.5GDI gasoline engine, 1.9CTI diesel engine, 2.8LCTI diesel engine, 1.5LE100 ethanol flexible fuel engine, and 1.5TGDI gasoline engine have awarded as the top 10 ‘Chinese Heart’ engines for successive 6 years.

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