2016-05-16300,000 units of JAC S3 Sold within 600 days, Creating SUV Sales Miracle

After keeping the sales champion for several months, S3 sales scale has achieved new breakthrough. Till the end of March, the accumulative sales of S3 have reached 300,000 units. Calculated by 600 days, the average month sales of S3 were 15000 units, which meant that S3 can be delivered to the hands of S3 users within three minutes, creating the fastest sales speed in compact SUV market.

S3 has created several “S3 speeds” since it was launched into the market. From achieving the sales breakthrough of 10,000 units within one month, to become the sales champion among compact SUV within three months and finally by now has topped the compact SUV sales champion for accumulatively 13 months; S3 has become the stable compact sales champion. Moreover, S3 has sold 300,000 units within 600 days, becoming the SUV with fastest sales scale and creating another sales miracle with S3 speed.

S3 has proved that its core characteristics of “Easy Drive, Economic, and Easy Maintenance”have perfectly met the car using demands of young customers.

Based on the young customers’ demands on the fashionable appearance, driving experience and intelligent specification, S3 II was released into the market in last September, and does not only inherit the former SUV excellent interior, but also improve itself in 19 points. Except for the exterior and interior improvement, S3 II has been equipped with rear view system, GPS/ Dual mode positioning and navigation system and GSI driving shift reminder, which can add extra points for its security function. The improvement of S3 has made contribution to its sales miracle.

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