2016-05-12Chinese the largest heavy-duty truck exports order has finished the delivery

On 10th May, 420 units JAC heavy-duty truck finished the shipment and set sail to Venezuela. Until now, 5239 units JAC heavy-duty trucks have already completed the delivery to Venezuela. This order is divided into 8 batches and 11 models including semi-trailer, lorry, modified and other hot-selling models, which is called as ‘the largest order of Chinese heavy-duty truck exports’.

The South America is one of important markets of JAC Motors. Since 2006 entered into this market, JAC has already won the admiration and approval from local customers and got the batch purchase order from Venezuela Oil Ministry, larger logistic companies and government.

On November 2013, Venezuela President Mauro announced to establish National logistics Management Company and planned to purchase a batch of vehicles to enhance the development of Venezuela economy. Under such background, Venezuela heavy-duty purchase project entered into the preparative period. By virtue of its international advanced R&D, testing center, world-leading manufacture platform, internationalized resource system and good reputation in South America markets, JAC obtained the highly recognition from Venezuela. After five months’ contacts and negotiations, Venezuela road transport department, CORPOVEX S.A. and JAC signed the contract of 5239 units’ heavy-duty truck purchase order.

On 17th November 2014, Chinese heavy-duty truck the largest order- the first batch 200 units of JAC 5239 units heavy-duty truck exports to Venezuela set sail from Shanghai. It marks JAC systematic to push the strategy of internationalization and breakthrough in exports scales and speed, which has the historic milestones of Chinese heavy-duty truck exports.

With the accomplishment of 5239 units JAC heavy-duty exports to Venezuela, it will improve the convenience of Venezuela people’s life and also prove the powerful quality of JAC products. We hope that more and more good JAC products bring higher quality life to worldwide customers.

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