2016-04-29Creating New Value for Customers, JAC Releases LCV Solution for its Commercial Vehicles

On April 25th, JAC released its Life Cycle Value Solution based on customer value (LCV) at Auto China 2016 in Beijing. The LCV solution is expected to turn JAC from a pure automaker into a creator of customer value and establish a new customer value system for commercial vehicles, which is an innovation in the commercial vehicle industry. At the exhibition, a strategic cooperation agreement on 1,000 vehicles was successfully signed between Shuailing smart models and Sichuan Juma Logistics, signifying that the LCV solution has been actualized and put into operation within the industry.

More than ten new models, GB 5 engines and new energy light trucks from the three major JAC commercial vehicle brands – Shuailing, Junling and Kangling – were showcased at the exhibition. In addition, JAC’s GB 5 diesel-powered GREEN JET 2.0 and GREEN JET 2.7 were also released on the very same day.

JAC Releases LCV

Leading in Creating New Value for Commercial Vehicles in the Internet+ Era

Along with the rapid development of the internet and smart automotive technology, the logistics industry has witnessed upgrades and evolution, and the integration of new technology, new industry and traditional industry has given birth to a series of new models and products. Life Cycle Value (LCV) is proposed for JAC light commercial vehicles based on special studies on the data of operating vehicles in logistics enterprises and the status quo of the logistics industry in China. The LCV solution falls into three modules, namely product customization, value-added business and value service, covering every link of logistics operation and the full life cycle value of vehicles, thus to maximize the value in a product’s life cycle.

LCV product customization is aimed at providing customized solutions to logistics equipment according to customers' different demands in the development, service and decline stages of vehicles, as well as the characteristics of market segments such as e-commerce express delivery, business logistics and cold-chain logistics. At the product development stage, the product portfolios of Shuailing, Junling and Kangling, the three major sub-brands under JAC, provide customers with various choices; at the product service stage, through the effective matching of JAC's high-end power technology and transmission system it aims to contribute to fuel economy and other remarkable product advantages, and meanwhile, through the intelligent and scientific management of vehicles it is expected to reduce customers' costs, and increase efficiency and profits; and at the product decline stage, logistics enterprises can use LCV to analyze vehicle usage costs and accurately evaluate vehicle value so as to put forward optimized phase-out solutions and further reduce vehicle usage costs for logistics enterprises.

LCV value-added business cannot be achieved without the important role of "J-ConNet", a smart Internet of Vehicles (IOV) system, and financial support services. "J-ConNet" is a multi-purpose IOV system developed by JAC, based on market and customer demands as well as the technologies of high-precision positioning, wireless communication, remote vehicle diagnostics and big data analysis. It is able to provide considerable and convenient services to shippers, logistics enterprises and truck drivers, with its strengths lying not only in position monitoring, fuel consumption management, traffic safety, diagnosis and maintenance, driving analysis, operation monitoring and other all-round smart services related to vehicle management, but also in customized services for the logistics market segments and customers engaged in city express services, cold-chain, and hazardous materials transportation. Additionally, with the help of "J-ConNet", customers can complete smart cargo distribution, vehicle selection, accessories inquiry, online payment and other sales services all by themselves, without stepping out of their vehicle.

The specialized customization solution and smart IOV system provide product and platform support for LCV, and customers directly benefit from the leading and considerate financial guarantee services. The Radford Auto Financing Company, jointly established by JAC and Santander Consumer Finance, S.A., can provide customers with such financial solutions as Yisudai ("Easy and Quick Loan") and Yiqidai ("Easy Loan for Enterprises"). With the help of "Easy and Quick Loans", customers intending to purchase vehicles can go through loan approval within two hours with their ID card. The simple procedure and product variety can meet customers' diversified requirements. "Easy Loan for Enterprises" is designed to provide financial guarantees for corporate customers.

In terms of value service, JAC Light Commercial Vehicles has more than 1,700 after-sales networks around the world and four 24h commitments to provide customers with round-the-clock, comprehensive five-star service for the entire life-cycle. In addition, JAC can also provide “2” + “S” customized route services according to the operation routes of logistics enterprises, namely taking the starting point and the terminal of the customers' operation route as the designated stations for routine checkup, maintenance and repair services, reserving spare parts for corresponding models, including service dispatch support, offering customers 24h services like repair and rescue along the work route, and building a serialized and comprehensive service network system. In addition, LCV can also provide logistics enterprises with customized value-added services and design solutions to cater to different customers, including a door-to-door service, out-of-warranty service, plate registration union and exclusive supply of spare parts, etc. Moreover, major models can additionally enjoy a 50-month or 1-million-km ultra-long quality warranty.

JAC Launches GREEN JET Engines 2.0L and 2.7L and Makes an Overall Layout for the High-end GB5 Powertrain

At the exhibition, with JAC leaders lighting up the engine logo, JAC GREEN JET engines 2.0L and 2.7L hit the market. As JAC’s independent GB5 diesel engines, GREEN JET engines 2.0L and 2.7L have created a new height in energy efficiency for Chinese low-displacement diesel engines and represented cutting-edge light diesel power technology, with the characteristics of high performance, low fuel consumption, high reliability, low noise and low emission, etc.

The GREEN JET Engine 2.0L is a product of more than 10 advanced technologies such as VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbocharger), 1,800 bar common rail and bypass cooling EGR, etc., and can output a robust power of 100kW and 285Nm, superior to the performance of its market counterparts. Additionally, the engine can show off ultra-low combustion noise, mechanical noise, pneumatic noise and excellent NVH quality on a par with gasoline engines.

The GREEN JET Engine 2.7L has made breakthroughs in displacement and power performance. With a max torque of up to 355Nm, it is second to none among market counterparts. The mature application of advanced technology such as common rail (1,800 bar), inter-cooling, DOC+SCR after-treatment, new materials, and weight reduction makes the model boast an outstanding environmental performance and fuel economy, with only 205g/kW.h as the minimum fuel consumption at full load.

With the national emission standard upgraded, advanced engine resources have become a key in the new round of market competition. After arrival in the market of the new GB5 GREEN JET 2.0L and 2.7L diesel engines, together with the very popular MAXXFORCE 3.2L and 4.8L power systems, JAC has realized an overall layout of its independent GB5 power systems and taken the preemptive opportunities in the new round of market competition.

JAC Comes to the Fast Track of Development with the Joint Drive of Products and Technology

As well as a successful agreement with its key customer, Sichuan Juma Transportation Co., Ltd., for Shuailing smart models equipped with the “J-ConNet” IOV system, and the completion of smart upgrades as the first player in the light truck segment of the market, in this exhibition, multiple new vehicles and pure electric light trucks for logistics under the three major brands of Shuailing, Junling and Kangling also proved to be the focus of attention. And, the Shuailing K series and Junling V6 with GREEN JET 2.7L GB5 diesel engines made their consecutive debuts. While reaching the GB5 standard, the Shuailing X small truck with the GREEN JET 2.0L diesel engine has achieved improvements in fuel consumption and NVH performance. The Kangling K5, as a newly-developed Kangling light truck, marks a substantial jump in both appearance and practicability. With a series of high-end configurations such as a wholly-new driver’s cab, ABS, rearview mirror heating, centrally-controlled door lock and electrically-adjusted headlights, etc., this model has become a new performance benchmark for products in the same segment.

The Shuailing T6 pickup, another popular JAC model in the market, displayed an AWD model, attracting the attention of pickup fans. With a new JAC GREEN JET 2.0L diesel engine and electrically controlled part-time 4WD technology, etc., this model can easily give an answer to various adverse road conditions, further enhancing the off-road charm of the Shuailing T6.

The Shuailing pure electric logistics cart was another “star” in the exhibition, and the ceremony for delivery of the Shuailing i3 to key customers was also held on the same day. Meanwhile, the Shuailing i5 pure electric vehicle was also displayed, with a the advantages of lithium iron phosphate battery, higher safety, a longer service life and environmental protection, etc. It also displayed a comprehensive-operating-mode mileage range of more than 150km, a peak power of up to 120kW, a max speed of 90km/h and 0-50km/h acceleration time under 10s.

In the internet era, smart technology impacts all sectors, so where will commercial vehicles go in the upgrading of the industry? In this exhibition, JAC’s commercial vehicle presented a series of new technologies and products, highlighting its top-notch research and development strength. In addition, the release of a full-life-span solution based on customer value and the conclusion of an agreement with the Shuailing smart model key account represent not only the new fruits and breakthroughs of the deep integration of commercial vehicle technology with internet technology but, more so, an in-depth interpretation of JAC’s business philosophy of “respecting customers in operation, selling vehicles through service”. It is believed that in the smart internet era, JAC’s commercial vehicles, focusing on technological breakthroughs and customer value, will continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

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