2016-04-29JAC Shuailing Smart Model Makes Smart and Interconnected Top-End Light Trucks a Reality

April 25 marks the grand opening of the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2016), which JAC attended with a wide array of stellar Shuailing, Junling and Kangling models. JAC Shuailing, branded as an urban logistics expert, wowed the audience by unveiling a new smart model and two pure electric light truck models after making breakthroughs in smart logistics and new energy. A strategic cooperation signing ceremony and a vehicle delivery ceremony were held by JAC specifically for the new Shuailing models. These high-profile moves were solid proof of how confident JAC’s Shuailing is as an international standard setter for top-end light trucks in an era of smart and green logistics.

“China’s auto industry is rapidly shifting toward an interconnected, electric and smart landscape. In an age of changes, we must make strategic adjustments, develop plans in advance, move up the value chain of business vehicles through technological innovations, and bring value creation to a new level. The Shuailing smart model and pure electric light trucks for use in the logistics sector are the results of our latest efforts to combine the realities of China’s logistics sector with the internet and new energy technologies,” said a representative for JAC’s Shuailing brand.

Shuailing Smart Model: A High-end Smart Interconnected Light Truck

As today’s Internet and automotive technology evolves by leaps and bounds, smart logistics is becoming a new trend for the commercial vehicle industry. Driven by a new market situation and technology trends, JAC officially launched J-ConNet, a smart car networking system, by leveraging its strong R&D capabilities and building on years of effort.

The signing of a strategic cooperation agreement for the J ConNet-based Shuailing smart model and Juma Logistics not only signifies the Shuailing smart model hitting the market, but also indicates the fast line of development that Shuailing occupies in representing the national standard by officially advancing the smart interconnected vehicle age. It has also entrenched the position of Shuailing’s light truck as a market leader.

The J-ConNet system is said to be a multi-purpose vehicle networking system developed by JAC in meeting customer’s demands based on a set of technologies, including high-precision positioning, wireless communications, remote vehicle diagnostics technology, remote vehicle control and big data analysis. The system not only enables corporate shipping, logistics companies and truck drivers to benefit from a complete array of smart vehicle management services such as location monitoring, fuel management, driving safety, diagnosis and maintenance, driving behavior analysis and operation monitoring, but also empowers them to offer customized services that can meet the specific needs of customers in different market segments (e.g. city express, cold-chain logistics and transportation of dangerous goods). With this system in place, JAC’s customers will be able to deliver after-sales services such as cargo allocation, vehicle selection, parts query and online payment without stepping out of their vehicles.

JAC’s remarkable achievements in the commercial vehicle segment are built on several years of R&D input for vehicle connectivity, which started as early as 2013. JAC has built an interconnected system of mobility that includes passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles. In 2015, the development and testing work in the first stage of the J-ConNet system’s development were completed, wherein in-vehicle connectivity was initially implemented and logistics monitoring, fuel management and driving behavior analysis functions were achieved through the analysis of vehicle location, fuel consumption and malfunctions. These and other effective efforts laid a solid foundation, both technologically and empirically, for the final roll-out of the J-ConNet system and its application on the new Shuailing light truck.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement for the latest version of the Shuailing brand’s light trucks brings the true commercialization of smart in-vehicle connectivity technology in the commercial vehicle industry, making high-end smart interconnected light trucks a reality.

New Energy: the New Normal for Green Logistics

Like smart logistics, the R&D of new energy products also forms a core part of the development strategy for many automakers in an era of green logistics. JAC is one of China’s first homegrown automakers that has invested heavily in the research and development of new energy and pure electric vehicles. At this year’s auto show in Beijing, JAC debuted its latest pure electric light truck for use in the logistics sector – the Shuailing i series.

The Shuailing i series of electric light trucks use the lithium iron phosphate battery (or LFP battery) with stronger safety performance, a longer life, better high temperature performance, bigger capacity, lighter weight and better environmental protection. In particular, the Shuailing i3 model is equipped with a cloud control system that enables safety monitoring, multi-power control, and energy management. The Shuailing i5 model is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), which can generate a maximum speed of 90km/h at the peak power of 120kW and a 50km/h acceleration time under 10 seconds.

It is reported that the Shuailing i series of light trucks won the favor of logistics firms as soon as they hit the market. On the first day of the auto show, JAC accepted the first order for 30 i3 pure electric vehicles from Hangzhou Rongtong Car Rental Co. Ltd., and held a delivery ceremony. Mr. Zhang Jun, general manager of the vehicle lease company, said “JAC’s new energy vehicles offer a whole set of benefits, including a good appearance, high quality, easy operation, high intelligence, high energy efficiency, long battery life and great comfort. They will be well received by the market with a range of advanced new technologies such as remote monitoring, braking energy recovery and smart energy management”.

As a market leader and pioneer in China’s top-end light truck market segment, JAC Shuailing has presented breathtaking performance with increased market sales, and the R&D and application of leading light truck technologies. It has always led the market, all the way from being the first and only high-end light truck in China to being China’s No. 1 exported light truck brand, and to its efforts in expanding into four product series. It has also led the market with MaxxForce and the self-produced Green Jet as well as other core technologies, as well as the newly-unveiled new energy models and high-end smart interconnected light trucks, which again project JAC Shuailing as at the forefront of smart interconnectivity and green logistics, and position it as a global market leader and international standard setter in the light commercial vehicle segment.

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